Counting Graces from God

Within the last 2 years, I constantly receive uncountable grace from the God I believe, no matter on daily food, clothes, shelter, job opportunity…I never feel I am lacking of anything, here are some of the miracles I encountered, although they were just little moments:

l   One morning in Sydney after I packed up my tent in a park (where I slept last night), somebody shouted at me: “Hey stop, DO YOU WANT A MEAT PIE?” So he treated me a meat pie which filled my empty stomach!

l   One evening during my bike trip in New Zealand, I was on the way to the West coast in South Island and it was in wilderness, there are shops but didn’t open. Finally at one point I finished all my food and I still had 40km to go. I tried to hitchhike but all the cars are too small to put my bike in, a couple stopped and asked: “WHAT ELSE CAN WE HELP YOU? DO YOU WANT SOME FOOD?” “YES!!!” They gave me 2 bananas, an apple and an energy bar which saved me until the end of the day!

l   In Nepal as well as in Australia, when my friends saw me always wearing the same clothes and insisted to give me some of his so that I could change! I got some “new” clothes, and gave my old ones to the church.

l   In Thailand and India, my friends are so nice to host me, and feed me even though they just met me.

l   The 22 Tibetian drivers that I met on the road are so friendly that I hitchhike all over Tibet without spending money on transport!

l   There is no jobs better than a Receival Point Operator in a grain harvest depot in Western Australia, that my monthly paid was double the one I had in Hong Kong University.

l   There was one little deposit in my bank account, which I couldn’t recall who sent me that money, God’s gift?

l   There are still plenty that I couldn’t remember, and I am experiencing it everyday!!


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