Glorious Days without Facebook

I remember when I was a kid during the 90s, before the computer era arrived, things were way simpler and we hanged out with friends without any electrical consensus between us. There were truly human connections and promises that we could give, and I am longing for that pure form of linkage between each human being.

Many people asked why did I decide to quit Facebook, there are several strong reasons that supported me to make such decision. First of all, almost everyone on Earth are wasting at least 1-3 hours a day looking at Facebook News Feed, peeping at what is going on in other people’s life, whether they are having a nice ice-cream, or taking a bus, or being pregnant. The information we can get and digest everyday is flooded with all sorts of irrelevant news, it congested our minds and this is not healthy creative and constructive thinking. When we get addicted to see this world by scrolling your fingers on a screen, or sitting in front of a slightly bigger screen, we become a machine that perpetually receive information but output nothing.

Another reason is I need to take a break from people showing off their lives, I confess I was one of them who seek for attentions wherever I go. Once I was very concerned about how many people “like” my posts and photos, that self-obsessed image only got worse when more people thought that you were “great”! However, recently when I realized if the whole purpose of my life depends mainly on the approval and consent of others, then what is the point of living? I am not doing anything just to please people, I do it because I think it is right, and I feel good about it, how others react should not be a big deal after all. It is time for me to stack up my self-confidence in the real world, not the virtual one!

When you receive a personalized email or message, do you feel more connected than a generalized one? I believe one on one conversation is the best way to build up true friendships. Having met so many people in the world during my travel, most of them are just acquaintances, we are Facebook friends but we seldom talk, I can say we were not really connected. However, I have established some solid friendship along the journey, most of them we keep in touch by emails or whatsapp. We contact each other once a while, true friends care about you no matter what Facebook status we put there. By the way, I still keep the habit of sending real postcards to my friends around the world during Christmas time. Does it sound more touching than only getting a greeting email?

Facebook has its function, mostly in promoting of your own brand, or organizing events and gatherings, there is no doubt about it. I think I just need a break, to focus myself of what my true goal is, and devote my energy to keep practicing and developing myself as a more likable person, rather than the fake fame. That’s why I unplug myself, you will see me posting more here though, as it will be my channel to express myself and talk about my soul searching journey!!

Let’s get connected if you like what I am writing! 😀
Love and Peace!

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