I hope I can inspire you a little bit of thinking…if you wanna give me a shout, email me:

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Hope to see you on the road!!

Recently I have set up another site about Natural Healing, come and have a look:

6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Sean – just checking all is well. Are you on your own now or biking with a friend? We are still doing lots of cycling adventures and blogging about them – all in Scotland so far. We are off to Germany though this week – to an island in the Baltic where we have family and 2 mountain bikes. What are your plans? –

    1. Hey Esther and Warren,
      I am still cycling, now in south of France, will head to Italy and Switzerland soon!
      Nice to know that you are enjoying cycling in your area!
      I just broke up with my partner 2 months ago so now I am cycling alone again! Haha~
      Take care,

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