Life is all about sliding doors

The movie Sliding Doors always strikes my mind when I have to make a critical decision that would change completely my whole life. It is like going through another door, creating another parallel space of your life which leads to totally different consequences. After several years of traveling around, I come to a point asking myself:

What if I did not travel and kept working in Hong Kong?

What if I accepted the offer and stayed in Australia and work in the Chinese medicine clinic, earning heaps of money?

What if I agreed to work on a cruise ship as an acupuncturist?

What if I flew to America to meet my first boyfriend?

What if I be more rational and treasured him for sacrificing everything to travel with me?

What if I keep cycling towards Asia?

What if… What if… What if…
Most of the time I made the bad choice based on my irrational and stubborn mind, that is why I feel like I lost a lot of time doing nothing. I would not say I regret all the wrong decisions I made, it is what it is, and I could not turn back time. If those moments were the lessons I had to learn, I gratefully went through the processes, and experienced what my life brings to me.

Regrets should never exist.

Acceptance is the key, especially to myself.
We only live once, try to make every moment and experience count! The best thing of becoming a nomad is every morning when I open my eyes, I give myself a few seconds to think where I am. It sounds insane and you cannot imagine how I feel unless you give it a go to leave everything behind and TRAVEL.

My life is a book, your life is another book. There is no comparison of which books are better. Every story is fantastic, find the positive perspectives of each chapter and you will be amazed!
I always imagine at the end of my life, there will be a gathering of all the “me” from every sliding doors, we all share about what our lives had been and what kind of person I had become! It must be a wonderful party I guess!

Do you encounter some big choices you have made that shaped you into a totally different person? Share with us!!

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