First week in my Yoga TTC (Teacher Training Course)

My initial aim to join the course was getting one more world wide qualification so that I could teach yoga wherever I go, but once I stepped into this journey, I realize I am learning heaps everyday and I am enjoying it!

The TTC takes a whole month, and everyday from 7am to 7pm we have practices and classes, pretty intense and tiring in the beginning. Starting with a morning 2 hours practice, then breakfast and 3 hours lectures; lunch and 1.5 hour lecture and 3.5 hours practice!

Finishing the first week, I learn the difference between various styles of yoga, some anatomy as well as the philosophy behind yoga. Most importantly I learn my limitation, what postures I can’t perform, which joints or muscles I should work on, what is my mental barriers…The teaching team is so supportive and also we exchange a lot of knowledge among classmates. The temperature up in the Himalayas is quite cold and unpredictable, it can be super sunny today, and then thunderstorm and raining the next day. But you gonna enjoy the life up in the mountain, Himachal Pradesh is really different from the other parts of India, as it is more clean, air more fresh, less people, gorgeous view, but still cheap cost of living!!


Hopefully next week I can improve more on my postures, as well as start teaching the basic steps can help me understand the meaning of doing this!!10150455_1413642548896385_4170798544017636845_n

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