Backpacking in the Balkans Countries

Taking a break from my bike trip, because my best friend Zevari from Hongkong visited me and we traveled together in the Balkans for 2 weeks, mainly focus on Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina!
The trip was awesome, we were so surprised by how friendly Kosovo people are; they greeted us on the road, gave us food, and even drove us before we asked for help~ Love to explore Kosovo more!!
And we learned from our host in Sarajevo that we should live in the present, not lingering from what happened in the past, that’s why we did only a little bit sightseeing to learn about the Bosnian war, most of the time we spent with local people and their family!!

Bus rides in the Balkans are a bit costly, and there are hardly any trains. You can try hitchhiking and it should work!
We love the food there, economical and tasty!!!
Will surely spend more time exploring the Balkans in the future!!


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