Psychedelic Shroom trip

This is my third experience with psychedelic mushrooms, and by far the strongest.

The shopkeeper sold me this dried shroom powder, saying that 3g is enough for a trip. I trusted him, but I didn’t expect too much.

I took this powder just had the intention to try its power. Let me elaborate all my thoughts and feelings during the journey. I did it on my own this time, which took a lot of courage because I have to confront a lot of emotions, past issues and relationships; and conquer the fear and guilt that I accumulated for long time.

It is advised to take any psychedelic mushroom with an empty stomach for 6 hours. I chewed the powder at 3pm, while talking on whatsapp with my best friend Brenda. We started our conversations with our spiritual encounters, through our readings and researches. We knew each other for more than 10 years, and I always feel deeply connected with her. When the shrooms effect kicked in, I started to feel the tingling sensation all over my body, and I wanted to move and dance. The motions are voluntary, I have the will power to stop them. Brenda and I were still on the phone, but I started to notice the beauty of nature out of my window. The trees are dancing happily, and I realized they have souls, and they were looking at me as I looked at them. I told Brenda that I could focus on a particular subject easily and ignore the others.

Then I started to feel heavy in my body and I had to lay on my bed. Colorful patterns kicked in, floating like kaleidoscope , they are very beautiful and I was attracted to them. After a while when those images vanished, and transformed into something that I couldn’t describe. I had an amazing feeling of how Brenda and I were connected through the space and time. Those particles vibrated between us in the cosmic world is unimaginable. I told her I could feel her by my side and hug her. Suddenly all the past memories flashed back… Brenda was my ex-girlfriend way before I came out, we traveled together and went through lots of ups and downs supporting each other as best friends for more than a decade. She asked me what images I was recalling now, and I said mostly are those happy memories when we traveled together.

My mind became too congested that I couldn’t talk anymore, so we hanged up asking her to tell me next time what did I say when I was out of my ordinary mind, because sometimes I think I said things that are nonsense, but sometimes it is full of knowledge.
I went down and gave a big hug to Tamara, my lovely host, and told her that everything was fine, and I was going through a lot of things, plus handling them with my mental power.

I laid down in the garden, watching the clouds shifting slowly, they formed different patterns which always fascinated me. I felt joyful just looking at them for long time. Then I turned my head and focused my vision on a flower, I saw how delicate it is, the little insect clawing on top worked hard to find food. I had no idea how long did I lay on the grass but I felt I belonged there, the heaviness of my body sank me in the ground.

Suddenly I realized I had to record such moments, so I grabbed my video camera and spoke out my thoughts. I looked at the grass and they were growing happily. Certainly there were no wind at that time so I was pretty sure those little plants were actually growing!

The hungry sensation appeared, I reacted and asked myself to find some food. I felt like my actions very robotic, that it took some effort to order my body to actually do something. I found a piece of cookie, usually it takes me 10 seconds to eat one, but this time I think I spent 15 minutes enjoying the sweetness of each small bite staying in my mouth. I was stunned by how tasty a single cookie is, the sugary sensation reminded me many good memories.
After a while I went upstairs to my room and texted my brother Kyle. I laid on my tummy on the soft bed, experiencing the weight of my body. I recorded some video and told my brother and mother how much I love them. Kyle texted me back, when I saw his message saying he loves me too, I burst out crying hysterically. A bunch of memories from my past relationships came out, I felt guilty of leaving them based on my selfishness. A black hole of loneliness surrounded me, I never lamented like this before. Huge amount of mucus were expelled from my nose, I felt suffocated. With some effort to act against the depressing gravity, I managed to get up and clean my face in the toilet.
The next moment I was sitting in the garage contemplating life. It was getting dark, a sense of melancholy filled the atmosphere. My mind did a fast forward 30 years from now, and I saw myself sitting at the same place alone. I asked if the 60-year-old me was happy or not. He remained silent.
I was a bit enlightened at that moment, that I have to strengthen my focus on what is important in this life using this body, and what I can do to create a positive impact to people and the world, and avoid leaving any damage to other souls and the environment.

Have a look of what did I see and think during the trip:

It is never too late to tune my life back on track, to see a bigger picture; to trace back to my origin and follow the path with a courageous and positive mind.
After using so much of my mental power, I felt exhausted especially in my brain, as well as my heavy and tired muscles.
I woke up 12 hours later to write this….

Kind reminders about using psychedelic mushroom:
1. First time, take it with friends that you trust. Or at least there should be one person in the group who is sober, to avoid any tragedies happen.
2. Better have an empty stomach for 6 hours before taking the shrooms.
3. If you think the trip is too strong, start eating especially sugary food to reduce the psychedelic effect.
4. Don’t hold back any emotions, just let it release, and observe how your body reacts to them.
5. Jot down any thoughts or record videos of how you feel, it is a good way to reveal your subconscious mind. You can learn a lot about yourself!!
6. Don’t worry, you won’t get addicted!!

If you have any questions about my experience, please feel free to ask!
I will upload the video I recorded soon!!

2 thoughts on “Psychedelic Shroom trip

  1. Beautiful depiction of a shroom trip! I have no idea what I would think of it if I would never have had experienced it myself, but your description brought me back to that feeling. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so close to nature, to see other dimensions of this world than the 2D/3D world we usually experience, and how fascinating it is to take a trip inside one’s mind to see what one might find in there.
    Much love from Ystad, Sweden!

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