Life is all about sliding doors

The movie Sliding Doors always strikes my mind when I have to make a critical decision that would change completely my whole life. It is like going through another door, creating another parallel space of your life which leads to totally different consequences. After several years of traveling around, I come to a point asking… Read More Life is all about sliding doors

Happy Pride in London

Despite the disappointing news of Brexit, Londoners still gathered in a sunny Saturday to celebrate the annual Pride Parade with thousands of LGBTI fellows! I am always impressed by seeing all sorts of organizations, including religious groups, firefighters, police, health care providers, military and even government leaders marching together to fight for equality! This is… Read More Happy Pride in London


It is quite a sad movie that describes a British guy facing the mother of his deceased boyfriend. The movie portrays very well the intercultural differences on top of family values and acceptance of homosexuality. By the end of the days, the feeling of Love still remains, and it will always be there…. Be ready… Read More Lilting


If you are seeking for adventures, and planning to do something that even scare the hack of yourself, you can definitely get some resonance from this movie “Tracks”. A true story of a woman walking by herself across the Australian desert with 4 camels and a dog. It is so interesting to see how she… Read More Tracks


It is a movie about everyone, growing up from a kid to teenager, and then become an adult, all the challenges and frustrations we all come across along the way, nobody can ever skip those moments….c’est la vie!! Appreciate the director who made this film over 12 years, captured footages of stories when Mason grew up,… Read More Boyhood