Education!! Not Separation!! A discussion about women rights.

A few days ago in Facebook I wrote in my own point of view on the issue of setting up “ladies coaches” on trains, it aroused a lot of discussions and comments, but obviously my Muslim friends were not happy about my criticism on this matter, and even impose some personal attacks on me!

Well, I was trying to overlook the whole picture in a more deep rooted aspect, so that those countries can find an effective solution to address the issue, not only separating women on public transports.

“Ladies coaches” was initiated in UK in the 1920s, but it was them abolished because people thought that it was a discrimination, a civilized country who seeks for gender equality shouldn’t do that. However, the idea of “ladies coaches” was adopted by various countries in the last decade, and it seems people in those countries are quite happy about that, as it is a measure to protect women that are potentially being harassed in the train. I agree with that, but this measure is based on the assumption that every men want to harass women, so they should separate them. That is not fair to men then. More importantly it creates a bigger gap between men and women, which will eventually result in “Social division” . Maybe not that serious, but I don’t see a harmony between two genders. Do you want to live in a world where men always look for target to harass, and women are fear of it everyday? Totally absurd!!


Then what are the deep rooted problems that need to be solved? I am not saying it to against any religions, in my opinion some of the doctrines could be redefined or abolished because we are living in a totally different era now. We no longer perform “living sacrifice”, right? If you believe every religion aim at leading people to a peaceful life, and strive for a balance/equality between one another and the natural world, then you will agree that everyone have their free will to choose what to do bounded by moral standard. And here I want to say particularly is that: men and women are equal, men are not higher than women or vice versa, we are JUST EQUAL. I really appreciate those feminine activists in the 18th-19th centuries who fought really hard for women rights in the western world, and now they can claim they have the same rights as men do. Maybe it’s time for Asian women to lift up their heads!


Being grown up in Hong Kong, quite a westernized city, I believe that in a modern society, there should be NO DIFFERENT between men and women, in terms of working ability, right to navigate around, freedom to choose what to wear, etc…Everyone knows that nowadays there are still some corners in the world where women ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE, and they NEED TO BE ESCORTED by their husband or even their son when they want to go out and buy something. Truly UNBELIVEABLE! And they are forced to cover their head and wear burkas (the black cloth which cover the whole faces of women, even the eyes). IF they are happy to wear that, it is their choice. But honestly if there is no religious pressure or stressed by their husbands or male relatives, who the hell wants to wear those things when you are walking on the streets, SO HOT!! And it seems they shouldn’t appear in the outside world, but only inside their house. That is sad…now if you have critical thinking, you will ask why can’t they show their faces? It is indeed a measure to control men’s sexual lusts.

But is it ridiculous to make the potential victims suffer, in order to avoid a sin??

And if there is a harassment case happened, the victim are to be blamed because she showed her face, or she walk alone on the streets…is it FAIR? Hell no!!


Women are no longer a possession of men, that’s what we are agree, right? (maybe some extremists don’t agree) We are EQUAL, so do the marriage system. Men can marry 4 wives is WRONG, those who were record in no matter Bible, Torah or Quran are from the past, their situations are totally different from 21st century. Now we promote MONOGAMY, one to one, that’s all. Other than that is adultery! This is a way to educate men when they are young, that you are totally committed to one partner only!


Let me tell you a true story when I and my female friend travel together in Syria 3 years ago. One night we were invited to a Syrian man’s home to have dinner, we had good conversations about our travels and our family, he is married but his wife was working in another city. But when I went to toilet, only within that 5 minutes, he intended to ask my female friend to stay and sleep with him. What the hell…My female friend was too frightened and only told me after we left his house. What was that man thinking?? There is no difference from an animal that he wanted to fuck around when chances came…


Come on men, do you want our reputation on Earth to be: Every man is a potential rapist?? Self-control is very important, and let us not hurting anyone for the sake of our own dirty desire! At the same time, governments should impose more harsh laws and punishment against immoral sexual crimes, better put them into jail for more than 10 years! And then women, SPEAK OUT! If there are anything injustice happened to you, use the powerful social media!! Expose people’s crime if they want to hide it!!


Finally I wish that one day:
We don’t need anymore “ladies coaches”, and everyone can choose whatever they want to sit, without being paranoid of being harassed.

Everyone can choose what to wear without being pressured by anyone!
Everyone can go anywhere we want, without the need of being escorted.
And everyone have the rights to Drive!

That is what I am looking forward to see. Still a long way to go!! Keep fighting for women!


For further information, I highly recommend this book: “The bookseller of Kabul” by Asne Seierstad, which describes perfectly about women rights in Afghanistan, by the author’s own experience.


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