About Me

A true Nomad who travel most of the time, like the Wind blowing from one place to another.

~My Name~
My original name is Sing Fung, literally means “Coming by the Wind” in Cantonese, because the day when I was born, there was a strong typhoon in Hongkong. That’s why my parent gave me this poetic name, that they might regret as I am living this name, and cannot be by their sides.

~A Nomad~
Travel becomes my life-style.
Cannot stay in only one country for the whole life.
Believe my life is full of adventure and uncertainties.
Keep learning new practical skills, as well as growing mentally to be the best version of myself.
Do not know where am I going next, who am I going to meet and it makes me feel very excited and fascinated!!
During my journey, I love meeting people from all over the world. But sometimes I really enjoy the time being alone.
Tried different ways to travel: volunteering, working holiday, hitchhiking, backpacking, currently cycling….
Here is a summary of what I have done in the first 3 years of my journey:

~A Minimalist~
I believe the less things you own, the freer you are!
All I have I carried in my bike or my backpack.
Love recycled and second-hand stuff, almost all my clothes were given by friends.
Say NO to materialism and consumerism!
I am not rich in terms of money, but I am very rich in terms of friends and memorable experiences!

~A Healer~
Without a healthy body and a clear mind, we cannot do anything.
Read my page about Natural Healing to know more about our wonderful body!
I try my best to Eat real food, practice Yoga and Meditation, and sleep well.
We are what we eat, avoid those foods that can cause inflammation and sickness.
Exercise everyday, a balance between cardio and stretching, that’s why cycling and yoga become a good match!
I teach Yoga, but I keep learning!

~A Believer~
Born as a Protestant Christian in a Chinese family.
I was very religious, but gradually I become rather spiritual.
I still believe in God, or a Higher Power, or the Universe. That makes me humble myself, because in reality I cannot control everything.
Traveling open my minds to respect other religions, and try to understand the cultural impacts on their beliefs.
I believe in Human-Doings, that we should not just “be” a Human, but “Do” it. Every Humans are the same, both outside and inside.
Stop hatred, discrimination and all the negative vibes….
Start with a Smile, a Grateful Heart, and a Helping Hand!
This World is Prettier than we thought!

~An advocate~
I fight for LGBT rights and marriage equality.
I fight for better health care in third world countries.
I fight for universal education for all the children in the world.
Have a strong hold on Equality, Fairness, Freedom of Speech and Belief.
I believe everyone can be an advocate, to voice out the truth of what you believe!

~Give and Receive~
Strongly believe that sharing is a good karma, keep spreading this wonderful energy around.
FYI, please have a look of my Couchsurfing and Warmshowers profiles.
Huge thanks to all the people who hosted or helped me in 2014 and 2015!

4 thoughts on “About Me

      1. I’m in the midst of graduating from my Master degree. After that I’m also going to work for couple of months and then go to South East Asia in December. It’s like a present to myself for finishing uni finally!:)

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