Leg 2 – Croatia and Hungary

Many people said Croatian coast is very beautiful and I must go there, but I chose to just cross the capital Zagreb and towards Hungary. After such a long time on the road, sightseeing is no longer my top priority, but meeting local people, understanding their cultures and trying authentic local food are far more important than taking pictures to show that “I was there!”.
Although this time I only got a glimpse of Croatia, I made 2 good friends in Zagreb!

On the way to Balaton Lake in Hungary, I wild camped 2 nights in different cemeteries which are the best camping spots in small towns, quiet and peaceful!

Balaton Lake is incredible, the biggest lake in Central Europe. I am glad that I even have time to do some yoga along the lake coast.

Of course Budapest is brilliant and classical. You must go and experience the essence of elegance on your own!

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