Leg 1: Italy Slovenia – New experiments along with the bike trip

If you have no time to read my post, just have a look of this video, it is the highlights of Leg 1 – Italy and Slovenia!

In 2014 when I started riding my bike from Northern Europe, I did not know what to expect, nor have a concrete plan about where to go and how long I am going to stay, just a stubborn mind to pass through as many countries as possible.

So here I am, still cycling around Europe in 2016, the only part I haven’t seen is the east, and I am going to spend at least 4 months to explore the Balkan and Transylvania region.
Last winter I managed to find 2 voluntary jobs through helpx.net in Finland and Italy, in exchange of lodging and food, so basically I did not spend a penny for months. On top of that, I used my free time to provide acupuncture and massage treatments, as well as teaching yoga in order to save up a little travel money for the upcoming years. That’s why a good tips for those who would like to become a nomad: Pick or Equip yourself with skills that are universal and mobile.

Once I sensed the spring has arrived, I started this epic journey from Trinità, Italy. Pedal through the Northern plain along River Po, I passed the cities Alessandria, Piacenza, Mantua, Padua and all the way to Trieste. The terrain is absolutely flat, such a perfect warm up for the upcoming challenges.So many random things happened: I received a cycling jersey from a businessman; met a girl called Alessandria in Alessandria; cycled in foggy mornings….

The first 4 days I cycled around 120km each day, huge credit to my leg muscles who picked up the muscle memory rather quick, and perform very well. I still maintain my diet of eating more Protein and Healthy Fat, rather than Carbohydrates, that is the great tips for training my endurance!

Cycling 10 hours a day alone could be extremely boring, you can appreciate the nature, but it is tiring to be excited all the time in 10 hours. This year, besides the listening to music and podcasts as I normally did the last 2 years, I want to try something new! Let’s pick up a video camera and start filming!

Start to film stupid things, talk to random people and ask silly questions, sing in the most embarrassing way, practice yoga in the wilderness, get lost…..I want to show people the very authentic Sean, what is he doing during his bike trip and what does he think?? The video above is just a trial, if you have some crazy ideas of what I can film on the road, please let me know! I will definitely consider doing it~

After staying the weekend in Trieste with my Warmshowers host Erin, I spent another 3 days climbing some hills in Slovenia, the greenest country I have ever been.
Wild camping next to a huge cross; holding a sharing session about my bike trip in a high school; getting lost a few times because I was singing and daydreaming….I had so many unforgettable experience in just one and a half week!

Can’t wait to see what other crazier adventures are awaiting for me!!


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