Final Leg: Russia to Spain Tour Leg 36 – Olot to Barcelona

This is supposed to be the final leg of this part of my journey, but I still cheated. Five months on the road, it is the most incredible tour I have ever been, crossing 10 countries and meeting hundreds of people! But at a certain point, my mental strength has been weakened due to storm, wind, coldness, bike broken down, loneliness and all sorts, I need a mandatory rest period in order to think about what will be the next step.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Joan’s father suggested he could give me a lift from Olot to a nearby town Vic, there was a medieval market going on that we could visit. It was a good idea and I could skip climbing up a 1100m hill. The market in Vic is quite big, selling all kinds of stuff. Joan and I both bought a sandwich, but the sausages inside were not cooked, what a shame! There are Caca Tio anywhere!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We checked the train running from Vic to Barcelona, it is just 6 euros, and I could save up 75km riding, mostly downhill though. Therefore, after saying farewell to Joan and his dad, I hopped on the train heading to Barcelona! (Since I have planned to ride this part again when spring comes, I just skipped it this time!) In most of the trains in Spain, you can put your bikes on without extra charges.


Barcelona has an Arc de Triomf, similar to the one in Paris but with palm trees on both sides making it looks tropical.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I arrived Etienne and Guillermo’s home in a Saturday afternoon, I should have visited Museo Nacional d’art de Catalunya as it is free every Saturday afternoon, but I took a nap instead. Etienne has done two bike trips, one across Canada horizontally, and one across both North and South America vertically. Here is his website:


Totally admire cyclists like him, and we shared a lot of information and stories on our tours. Guillermo joined him on the way, and it was fun to learn the art of traveling with another person, they had disagreements on food and the pace of riding which I also anticipate in my next trip doing with Ron. The hardest part will be compromising my way of doing things with another person, who does it a different way. Ron and I already had a lot of arguments on making this website:

But it is too late to forfeit, we will surely do it together riding from Spain to Hong Kong in 2015! Stay in touch with us, and follow our blog there! We will do more videos as well!

There are around 12 museums that are free to enter on Sunday afternoon, including Museo d’Historia de Barcelona and Museo Picasso.

Here is the underground excavation of Barcelona a thousand years ago, nice to imagine our ancestors lived here….this site is only discovered around a few decades ago, very well preserved!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The other day I went up to Museo Nacional d’art de Catalunya, and got a nice view of the whole city, quite a nice walk!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are many beggars in Barcelona…..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You shouldn’t miss the famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia, which is never finished building due to lack of budget. I am wondering where does the money goes, when they charge 15 Euros per entry to the cathedral. Of course I didn’t go in, I have seen too many cathedrals during the last 5 months, and they all look similar.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I still find this kind of Caca Tio figures funny…… they showed their  assholes, balls and dicks….omg….


The last day I cooked a dinner for Etienne and Guillermo, thanks for wrapping my tour in a nice memory. I am going to make a video to thank all the people I have met in 2014, What a great pleasure to make friends all around the world, especially with some crazy people doing crazy things!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, I will stay in Spain for the winter, probably go down south as it is warmer. In March we will set off our journey, more than 25,000km crossing around 25 countries, more than 1.5 years….more adventures are waiting ahead!

I will switch my writing mainly to and to reblog here, so if you want to know more about our upcoming trip, follow us as well!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Currently we are doing a fund raising campaign for our upcoming bike trip, if you enjoy reading my post here, and would like to support us a bit, please visit:
Any donations are welcome!
Thanks!!! And I will update what I am doing in Spain soon!! 😀

Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!!!

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