2014 a year of wandering

I remember the last new year’s eve in 2013 I was homeless and decided to stay in Perth Airport, that I slept a few times before under the staircase which is quite private, nobody would disturb me, and I could access to toilet very easily. I stayed there, called a friend in Hongkong and counted down with her. Here I was, in 2014, a year destined to be a vagabond. Awaked on the first day of 2014, have no idea of where to go (I was waiting for a friend’s reply to see if I could crash into his place in Perth for a few nights before going to Melbourne), I stayed one more day in the airport. Thanks for Tom Hank’s The Terminal, I know it is totally feasible!

Looking back of all the crazy things I have done this year, I am amazed by how daring and brave I am, here is the list of great memories in my 2014:
1. Road trip from Perth to Melbourne crossing Australian outback

2. Cycled 2900km in both South and North Island of New Zealand, met so many great people using warmshowers.org

3. Jumped off a plane in Taupo, New Zealand

4. Re-visited Mae Sot, Thailand, seeing the project of Village Acupuncturist grows, I am glad that I initiated that

5. Studied yoga in Dharamkot, intensive training everyday for a month, connected with a great yoga family

6. Hiked up 3500m to Triund using my sandals, luckily no frostbite on my toes. Slept a night in my tent with hail falling, freezing coldOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

7. Took a couple of trains travelled from Hongkong to Beijing, and continued all the way to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Slept in train stations, didn’t take a shower for a week, tried Russian sauna

8. Cycled 7000km from Russia to Spain, passing Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland and France. Breathing the air of freedom, sleeping in graveyards, meeting so may wonderful people along the way

9. Went for a several Finnish sauna, totally naked in public, no big dealOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

10. Volunteered a week in Stockholm Pride, finally joined the parade, marching for those who can’t

11. Dumpster dived in Copenhagen, first time to realize how much food people waste every single dayOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

12. Maintained a stable long distance relationship with my partner even though we just met for 2 weeks cycling together in Ireland, which turned out to be really challenging but I started to learn how to compromise and be considerate. Those 2 weeks were the best times of this year, finally felt being loved by a real person

13. Rode my bike in western England under a thunderstorm and hail falling down, had 3 punctures in a role, worst day ever in my trip. I thought about giving up but sun came up the next day and I carried on

14. Felt down after running into the rim of the road near Bordeaux, my knee was injured badly. I endured the pain and kept riding the next few daysOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

15. Heavy rain in south of France, walking in flooded road in NarbonneOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

16. Planned a long distance bike trip next year, cycling from Spain back to Hongkong. Started a website bikeforwards.com with Ron, we look forward to our bike trip in upcoming March!

Finally I made a video in order to thank all the people who have helped me or accompanied me in 2014, I am so grateful to meet you all.

I really can’t wait to see what my fate brings me in 2015, I will be 30 but my mind is still like 18. Haha~ All the good wishes to my audience! Drop me a line if you enjoy reading about my journey! Love you all~

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