Spiritual journey by acupuncture

Staying under the Himalayas for around 3 weeks, and everyday the yoga practices and lectures exhaust everyone, a few of my classmates are either sick or injured, or just mentally exhausted. We are all amazed by how many information we have absorbed in such short period of time, yoga philosophy, anatomy, different style of yoga practice, teaching methodology…

Besides, I accepted the invitation from my teacher to open a class of basic Chinese medicine theory, which is very related to Yin yoga concept, as the practice stimulates meridians in the acupuncture concept. In one class, I put needles on my classmates (ST36 and SP6) for them to try the effects on their digestive systems. After everyone sit back on the wall, and have 4 needles on their legs, I started my class. Suddenly one of my friend fainted, and I immediately removed all the needles, he then went into a epilepsy state, shaking his upper body. Trying to wake him up, he then opened his eyes and told us “He went back home and spent a good time with his family”. We were all shocked of what had happened, luckily my friend was fine. And I told him to lie down on the floor and take rest. It is not my first time to experience needle shock, but with epilepsy, it is a bit too much to be handled. Thanks God that the class went well and my classmates enjoy the new knowledge they learnt.


I also become a kind of team doctor here, that when any of my classmates have health issues, they come and ask for advice. If I can do something to help, like putting needles, acupuncture or massage, I am happy to do it. Serving others, sending good vibrations to people is such a pleasure to do. I remember a Bible verse saying something like: “How do you want to be treated by others, you treat them the same way first”, similar to Karma. If everyone try their best to help each other without expecting any reward, this world would become more beautiful!

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