Yoga brings people together

Honestly I didn’t practice yoga for long, only occasionally join a class when I was working in Hong Kong and Australia, so I have no idea of all those different types of yoga, as well as the names of the poses. However, I always have a good feeling of this practice that my body is going to be better, more healthy or even more spiritually.

In the last 2 weeks of intense practicing, my body is transforming a lot, mainly in the hamstrings, and the hip and lower back muscles. My stiff body is SOFTENED and SMOOTHENED, and I am feeling great!


Now the main challenge comes, in this Yoga Teacher Training Course, we are to be trained as a yoga teacher, not only practicing, but instructing our students how to perform the poses in a safe and correct way. Since English is not my mother tongue, I am kind of frustrated to describe the movements by words, and always make stupid mistakes, like wrongly saying Left or Right; Hands or Feet….However, practice makes perfect, right? And to transmit this incredible knowledge to others is AMAZING!

One thing I want to make it clear, Yoga is not equal to Hinduism, yoga is a philosophy and a way of living. You are welcome to practice it no matter what religion you are having. It is similar to Taichi, Qigong, Acupuncture kind of things, they are an ancient wisdom that our ancestors brought it to us. Well, yoga is originated from Hinduism, but I don’t agree with the chanting mantras part, my master said I can sing my Christian hymns during the chanting, so it really depends on what your faith is in. I still keep a strong faith of my Christian belief, that Jesus has died for us to cleanse our sin, and we are saved once we acknowledge Him as the Son of God. And Love God, and Love our neighbours. Religion should not be a reason to create conflicts and wars (like what had happened in the past, Crusaders…horrible; as well as now, Terrorism…). Please imagine a God created world, should be beautiful and multi-dimensional, that every God created children love each other, respect each other…how peaceful our world could be!!


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