Maher Zain – Number One for Me

This song pop up in my ears in an airport, and I LOVE it!
I know I didn’t do much for my family since I traveled and went my own way, but I still CARE about them, especially my MUM!
Honestly we don’t talk much, or even we talk, it is very superficial. But I know she sacrificed a lot for me and my brothers, and she always just sucks it up and do whatever we ask….

Unconditional LOVE, I can only understand once I have my own kids….

Maher Zain is a Lebanese singer who grew up in Sweden, his music is very touching! Also as a Muslim, he intends to use his music to express LOVE towards other nations, and achieve World Peace!

Check out other Maher Zain’s good songs:
The Worldly Life:
So Soon:

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