Camping gears all ready

There are hundreds of outdoor shops in Australia, buying suitable camping gears is not that easy because you have hundreds of choice. Thanks for the internet which gives me the approximate price of the items I want to buy. Usually the online shops are 30-50% cheaper than the retail ones. If I were not in a hurry, I would definitely buy them online and had them delivered to where I was staying.

In Perth, I used 2 days to compare prices in different shops, like BCF (the most expensive), Anaconda and Rays Outdoors (reasonable), Getaway Outdoor (very good bargain price). I never thought about bargaining in Australia but in fact it is common in outdoor shops.

Here are my beloved gears:

  1. Oztrail Backpacker Compact Hiking Lightweight Tent 2 person
    Price: $124 (original $179, online $99)
    Weight: 2.2kg
  2. Oztrail Wentworth Hooded -10 sleeping bag
    Price: $39 (original $54)
    Weight: 2kg
  3. Self-inflated Mattress
    Price: $49 (original: 59)
    Weight: 1kg
  4. Goalzero Nomad Solar Panel Guide 10 kit
    Price: $150 (original: $169)

I am ready to try all of them on my way to Melbourne in 2 days and see if I can survive sleeping outside in Australian desert!

Good gears should last long and you are gonna love them throughout your journey, otherwise trade them off and buy yourself a more suitable one!

Will find out the bike gear once I land in New Zealand, hopefully I can find some good bargain as well!

Excited about the fact that I am heading to a nomadic living style!

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