Live with scars in a content way

2 months ago I had a stupid bicycle injury that my left palm bleed, it took around 2-3 weeks for the skin to grow back. That local hospital wanted to charge me 800 AUD for just consultation and dressing, absolutely ridiculous. I told the nurse that I had an eye surgery in India last year, it cost me only 400 AUD to cover the operation, medication and one night staying in the ward. Therefore I did the dressing by myself!!

Yesterday I was so careless to have the same injury again, and the same part of my left palm was removed and bleeds again. I was mad about myself being so careless and not concentrated while cycling. That worries me because in 2 weeks I will be cycling in New Zealand on my own, and I can’t afford having injuries everyday!!


I promise myself not to focus on speed, but safety. Don’t ride too fast and pay attention to the road situation.

Hopefully I won’t need to wrap my hands and knees anymore! However, those scars left on my body remind me: “Something that makes me grow is when I fall down and get back up again”, the pains are temporary, the growth is permanent. We can live happily with scars if we reckon them as symbols of growth and improvement!

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