Priorities in Life

Traveling becomes my life style, 4 years of wandering transformed me into a true nomad. I never thought about when will I find a destination, maybe there is no destination. Many people asked what is the reason I keep traveling. I simply answer them: Freedom.
Comfort zone
Life has too short to fulfill other people’s expectations, no matter it is from your families, your partners, or the society. If you are not able to plan your own life, others will plan it for you. Let me elaborate this, since our society has a certain pattern for everyone to follow, that is the comfort zone which ordinary people feel safe and stable. We are “supposed” to get a degree, find a good job, get a house mortgage, get married, have kids, buy numerous stuff, pay for luxury vacations once or twice a year, eat junk food, get sick and pay for medicine….
This path contains minimal variables or uncertainties, and there are lots of people walking with you that you never feel alone. The main idea of comfort zone is a regular job and a home to sleep. These two basic necessities make you self-sustainable and feel grounded. Lots of people think they can still dream high within their comfort zones. That is true! You can refer to most of the successful persons in this world.

Living in Finnish Lapland for 2 months gave me the opportunity to witness Northern Lights a couple of times

Life is a buffet
If those are what you want for your life, please go ahead. I am not objecting that mainstream living style, one of my brothers is totally into his regular job and he seldom travels even if he has holidays. He aims to establish a stable foundation in order to start a family. His dedications towards his career and family is highly appreciated.
However, I truly believe that Life is like a buffet, you can grab whatever you like or suits you. There should be no family nor peer pressure, you just have to listen to your inner voice, realizing what is the most important thing you want to achieve in your life.
Let me give you an exercise to list the following 5 things according to your priority:
Family; Career; Health; Freedom; Possession
You can clearly see what decisions you made or will make based on your choices. It is also very important to respect your own choice as well as others, and do not judge nor be jealous of others. We are all free to take what we want to eat in a buffet, right?

My priority as an example
Once you have a clear priority, no matter what detours you may come across along the way, your decisions will be based on what find critical to reach your goals.
I will explain it using myself as an example, here is my ranking:
1. Freedom
2. Health
3. Family
4. Career
5. Possession

Obviously I love be “no strains attached” as long as I can, that’s why leaving everything behind and travel for more than 4 years now is such a normal thing. I love wandering from one place to another, listening to people chit chatting in unknown languages, meeting new friends and having no fixed schedule.

Being a guest in an Estonian family in Tallinn

I put Health the second because without a healthy mind and body, I could not do anything. Based on nutritional researches, it is important to have a plant-based/ alkaline diet to minimize tissue inflammation; as well as exercise and sleep well. Being a doctor who valued natural healing methods, I am going to show you more in my later posts about healthy living style! However Freedom is still more important than Health, that’s why I choose to cycle around the world which is regarded as “dangerous” for some people.

Of course I always miss my family but I cannot allow their desires on me define who I am and what I should do. And through traveling I create lots of strong bonding with buddies around the world, they become part of “my family” which we help each other unconditionally. My priority on Family may change one day when I create my own intimate one.

Unlike most of the people, I do not like the idea of spending most of my lifetime “working”, my mentality about working is doing something makes you happy, and they should be different everyday, not repetitive boring jobs. I love my job being a acupuncture doctor and yoga instructor, and I am glad that they allow me to work wherever I go. Career should be flexible as I understand, and you always learn new skills to equip yourself as an all-round person.

All my possessions can be put in a backpack or on my bicycle. Owning less things mean I spend less time worrying about them. And I love the idea of give and receive, and the flow of energy. I always remind myself “I cannot take anything with me when I die (touchwood), so why should I bother gathering all these stuff?”

The Earth is my home!

Everyone has their own priorities, do not compare, just respect and appreciate each other’s decisions.
I wish all of you can get some values out of my ideas, and it could help you to achieve bigger dreams in the future!


What is the priority of your life? Share with us what is the most important to you!!

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