Psychedelic Shroom trip

This is my third experience with psychedelic mushrooms, and by far the strongest. The shopkeeper sold me this dried shroom powder, saying that 3g is enough for a trip. I trusted him, but I didn’t expect too much. I took this powder just had the intention to try its power. Let me elaborate all my… Read More Psychedelic Shroom trip


It is quite a sad movie that describes a British guy facing the mother of his deceased boyfriend. The movie portrays very well the intercultural differences on top of family values and acceptance of homosexuality. By the end of the days, the feeling of Love still remains, and it will always be there…. Be ready… Read More Lilting


If you are seeking for adventures, and planning to do something that even scare the hack of yourself, you can definitely get some resonance from this movie “Tracks”. A true story of a woman walking by herself across the Australian desert with 4 camels and a dog. It is so interesting to see how she… Read More Tracks