Yin Yoga Introduction and Benefits

Have you heard about Yin Yoga? It is a form of yoga which combine yoga asanas with traditional Chinese medicine theory as well as the concept of connective tissues, and blend them into a unique practice that suits everybody who intend to his body more flexible and healthy in a natural way. Yin Yang Concept… Read More Yin Yoga Introduction and Benefits

10 Reasons you should start doing Yoga

Before even think about starting to do yoga, you should know there are 8 limbs (major concepts) of yoga which is essential for the practice: Yama (Harmony with external and internal world) Niyama (Good conducts) Asana (Yoga poses) Pranayama (Breathing) Pratyahara (Withdrawal of senses) Dharana (Concentration) Dhyana (Meditation) Samadhi (Achieve highest consciousness) Based on the… Read More 10 Reasons you should start doing Yoga