Lake Baikal – Pearl of Russia

People generally ‘Wow’ about the ‘….est’ of the world, superlative things must not be missed. So, Lake Baikal should be well-known to everyone as it holds 3 superlatives in one hand – the Oldest, Largest and Deepest freshwater lake in the world! Its specific location inhabitated lots of unique species in the world, freshwater seal,… Read More Lake Baikal – Pearl of Russia

Christchurch – the church and beyond and reborn

Spending 4 days in the PTSD Christchurch, have seen many things are undergoing reconstruction. The iconic cathedral was brutally destroyed by the earthquake, workers are still trying their best to rebuild the whole structure.   While not far from the cathedral square, you can find the world’s first cardboard cathedral. It is beautifully designed and… Read More Christchurch – the church and beyond and reborn