Mind over Medicine – Save lives by sharing positive energy

Since I was born in a Chinese Christian family, you do not need to ask if I believe in “Spirit”, the answer is Absolutely. I think they are everywhere, naming them “ghost” is too creepy, I don’t like it. Let’s just call them “Spirits”.
I am a hot person and usually I feel hot during my sleep.
Last night I felt exceptionally cold with my thick blanket in the cozy room of my host in Trinita, Italy. It was my second last day staying there and I am supposed to set off my bike journey again in 2 days. I could not sleep well, so I turned on my phone and received a text from my brother. He seldom texts me unless if there is something important. Indeed….
“Grandpa is gone”
“Really? Do you mean he died? At home?”

Less than a month ago, my first grandpa (mum’s dad) left us after struggling for almost half a year in the hospital: being in coma, woke up, could not take care of himself, but still hang on to live until his last breath. He once told us “The most important thing in life is family union, it brings happiness to everyone!” As a gentleman who never left his home to travel, that really is the most crucial in his life, and I respected that. He had a wonderful life.
IMG_7415This morning, my another grandpa (dad’s dad) was gone. Since my dad divorced my mum and left home, he never takes care of his parents. They refused to be sent to elderly home which imposed stress on my mum, brothers and aunts to take care of them. Grandpa was still quite fit and never had serious sickness, he managed to cook for himself and grandma until a few months ago, that he complained about being lack of energy and all the time felt sleepy. Last Saturday after I called them in the morning for a normal conversation but he was pretty negative and pessimistic about his life, so arranged Chinese medical consultation with them next week, I told him I will call again soon. It was our last conversation ever….
He had a fever later that day, and was sent to the hospital. At that time it was flu pandemic period, and he was not advised to stay overnight in the hospital, but he insisted to do so. On Sunday he was diagnosed with pneumonia, this morning (Monday) he passed away. I think he just gave up…. He had a wonderful life too.

Mind over medicine. It could change the whole game of how a sick person thinks about his life, our mental strength can either save us or kill us. I see the contrast of my two grandfathers.
I think I could have given my grandpa more hope, more happiness, more positive vibes to at least make him feel better. Now the chances had gone. Therefore I promise myself, from now on, I am going to spread my positivity and optimism to my family, friends and anyone I meet.
Admiration does not cost any money.
Encouragement is free.
Joy is the best gift.
Don’t wait until it is too late….. Let your love ones know you love them!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Both sides of my families managed to “convert” my two grandpas into Christians (which now I am not sure if it is correct to do so) but at least for those who are still living, we have the hope to see them again in “Heaven”!
If I have to choose between “discussing Bible stories and dogmas” and “having a heart-to-heart conversation” with my grandparents, I would definitely pick the latter. Although I am traveling thousand kilometers away from my family, I will make myself start the first steps to develop real connections with each of my family members.
Let’s see how things go! But I am pretty excited about it!

Tomorrow I will hit the road again with my bike Drogo.
A new adventure. A new project. New companions…..Unlimited cultural encounters!!

Dedicated to my two beloved grandfathers!!
I love you both! A lot!! RIP!
I am very sure both of their spirits will accompany me wherever I go, and make sure I am safe!

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