Self-Reflection and My true beliefs


Recently during a conversation with my best friend in Hongkong, I talked about realizing the meaning of my life through traveling but it seems the last 4 years I have not done any remarkable things that contributed to the world, except my self-absorbing idea to escape from this ordinary living style and find my own way of happiness.
I always regarded myself as exceptionally abnormal, that people find me interesting and most of the time it gave me the satisfaction of being “the center of attention”. It is not always true though, when people started to shift the conversations to their own daily routines, or what presents they have to buy for a friend’s birthday, or how cute are their dogs, I start to feel disconnected and want to RUN AWAY because I feel I am no longer important to them.

One day eventually this self-creating bubble will burst, and nobody would like to care about this arrogant world-detached guy.

This is a bit extreme, but I do not want myself to become that without realizing my own problem.
The main thing I should change in my mind is: I am just a NORMAL guy doing things that I believe is true, and bring me happiness.
The journey, the travel, my bike….they are all tools to help me discover what my true life meaning is.

It is time to NOT just GO GO GO, and “photo” those landmarks remembering I have been there. That is a “tourist”.
It is time to NOT just wander around, camp in the wild, and THINK about life. That is a “traveler”.
It is time to evolve from a “traveler” to something else, something that I cannot even define, something bigger than I can imagine myself to be.

Then my best friend asked me a very important question, “What do you truly believe in?”
I paused for a minute. And I typed these 3:

  • Everyone can heal themselves through lifestyle and diet changes, we do not need to depend on medicine.
  • Everyone can express their sexuality without any discrimination, and have the right to get married and have kids like normal couples.
  • Everyone should be able to follow their dreams to achieve what they want in their lives.

Now I add 2 more:

  • Everyone receive the same opportunities of education, health care and eating well.
  • Everyone notice how precious our Nature is, and stop damaging it by our unlimited exploitation.

The first 3 are my core values that I am going to implement them, blend them into my upcoming multi-year journeys to make an impact and show the world how important these values are!
While the last 2 are boarder values which in long run I will be involved in some worldwide non-profit organizations to create projects, and raise awareness in a bigger scale!

It is absolutely humbling and exciting at the same time to see myself conquering my shortcomings; as well as utilizing my potentials to start revealing the meaning of my life.

I do not know where this journey will bring me, or who I am going to meet, or what surprise I will bump into, but I am sure to keep my positive thoughts locked in, to be myself in a very true way (not the fake arrogant Sean!), and to guard my beliefs no matter how good or bad the situations are, this journey is going to be an unforgettable one!!!

Thank you all my best friends, true friends for helping me getting here! I always owe you a hug, or even a kiss if you want.
Thank you also those who dislike me, and those we lost contacts because of our conflicts, you make me finally realize how many destruction in terms of relationship I have created before. I am still working on how to repair and reconnect those lost relationships, and I will write another post in the future to show you the long progress to rebuild something that I have partly destroyed.

Thanks for your reading!
Please leave me a comment if you are going through similar journeys in your lives!!


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