José González – Stay Alive

This song from Swedish singer José González can guide you finding the meaning of our lives!

Recently I started to realize the true purpose of my travel, of my life. Things start to unfold. and it becomes a clearer path!
I don’t know if you have watched the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, honestly I have those “Zoned out” moments like Walter in the film, imaging myself being a hero and doing some incredible things. However, on the other side of my brain, I have those second guessing thoughts that always impede my first step to fully commit to no matter a project, a relationship, or a healthy habit. From now on I just cannot let these frustrations hinder my potentials to become a man bigger than I can imagine, and this year it is already my turning point, to make true commitment and work on all the targets I am longing for no matter how hard is it!
“There is a true and that is on our side.”
Thank you for being alive, and I will stay alive to make it more meaningful!

Keep traveling and I will see the light growing from my heart!

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