Taking a half-year break to let myself grow

After a long pause of my bike trip for almost half a year, finally I can get back myself and get ready to set off my next leg of this limitless bike trip. During this half a year, it was a much needed healing process for my physical, mental and spiritual being. There were so many incidences that made me realize my shortcomings, as well as my potentials. Bit by bit when I spend time to reflect myself, and apply the adjustments I have to do, it made me into a more caring and lovable person. At least I think I am on the right path!

My mum, my aunt came all the way from Hongkong to visit me and my brother, we spent two wonderful weeks in England and France. I never had such feeling of missing my mum and my brother so much until this short trip, we talked a lot about our thoughts, our plans, what we want to achieve in the future, she expressed her worries, her doubts, and her loneliness. Although I still find a bit guilty to leave my family behind and become a hippy nomad, I hope in the future I could find a solution to take care of her and love her more! She deserves more love from me, and I know I have not done enough…
My little brother, the one I used to bully when we were young (I hope he does not remember), seeing him grows even taller than me is incredible! Traveling with him the following two weeks in Belgium and Holland connected us way better than before. He also adopted this nomadic lifestyle and search his “meaning of life”, we have a lot to share, although most of the time he does not agree with my opinions. Anyways, he prefers traveling alone than with me which make absolute sense as we are both stubborn pain-in-the-ass guys. But he will always be the one to smoke a joint or eat truffles with, as even if the sky falls, I can always count on him, more than 100%. I love you, bro!

Spending two coldest month in Finnish Lapland was insanely amazing, besides it fulfilled my dreams to witness Northern Lights flying on the sky, the coldness and loneliness definitely made my bone and mind stronger than ever! I lived in a village in the middle of Lapland which has less than 300 inhabitants, usually besides my host family, I hardly saw other people, not to mention the only 2-4 hours sunlight each day and the extreme temperatures, everybody tends to stay indoor as much as they can. In the beginning it was a bit tough to adapt, but I experienced cycling alone for a few days without talking to anyone, so I think I can manage that. But since I spent a lot of time with my host family, at some point we developed a little misunderstanding and disagreement based on our working style and characters. At the end we peacefully solved the issue, the process of self questioning and discovering made me understand more about who I am, and why did I always create “conflicts” with my “bosses”, mainly because of my stubborn self-centered and disrespectful characters which I really have to adjust or I would bump into the same wall again and again. Thanks for the patience of my host family, at the end I regarded those two months as one of the most memorable period of my life. The beauty of nature and people just blew me away. One day I will visit this wonderland again!

Followed by a month of backpacking in the Baltics and Italy, visited old friends and made new ones. The winter in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius are kind of cold, sightsee the whole day outside required some mental strength! I got a glimpse of these 3 countries, that definitely I will find my way back to experience more of the Baltic cultures and friendliness! Thanks to all my lovely hosts who made me feel like going home after walking whole day in the freezing air!
While in Italy, traveling to Rome and Pompeii were my highlights! Italy has a lot of ruins all around the countries which are more than 2000 years old back in the Roman period. I just could not express how I felt when touching those stones and they brought me back to the past. While in Naples, a Couchsurfing friend got her iPhone 6 stolen on the bus when we were heading somewhere together. Every travelers have to raise their alertness, and not to make themselves an easy target of thefts.

The last two months I stayed with a family through helpx in Piemonte, Italy overlooking the mountain ranges dividing France and Italy. The work here is very simple: gardening and renovation, and I have a lot of free time to practice meditation, yoga and healthy diet. Thanks my amazing hosts who connected me with lots of their friends, so that I was able to learn from a osteopathic doctor and a yoga instructor!
Also thanks to my best friend Brenda, although she has her busy life in Hongkong, we keep in touch all the time and help each other grow!
This winter is definitely a milestone in terms of my personal growth, my life targets as well as relationships with people around and far away. I believe in my potential to “be the change of the world I want to see”.
There will be two major projects I am working on, using my bike trip as a media to convey the messages of health and love to the world!
If you want to be part of my projects, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will release more details in the coming days!

Have you experienced a period of your major personal growth? Tell us about your insights!

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