10 reasons you should start a bike trip around the world

Thinking about doing something different from the ordinary society?
Thinking about making a big change of your lives?
Thinking about an affordable way to be a long term traveler?
Simply pick up a bike and start cycling to unknown places, you will discover the beauty of this world that we always miss out because we are going too fast….

Here are the 10 reasons to show you how possible you are touring around with a bike:

1. Ultimate freedom – Go and stop wherever you want
Imagine yourself become a bird, and you could fly to anywhere that pleases you. You are not obligated to do anything you do not feel like. Just stop by a beautiful lake side or a friendly village for as long as you want! That is what we call “Freedom”.

2. Exercise everyday
Cycling everyday is not as hard as you think, the first few days might be tough, but you get stronger when you keep training yourself. Probably you will not get sick at all because of the amount of exercise you do. I am the example!

3. Green ways of traveling
Cycling does not create any greenhouse gas, it is totally environmental friendly.

4. Meet heaps of like-minded friends
The image of what local people see touring cyclists = harmless nerd who need help. Be humble and grateful of others’ assistance. And you will realize you make a lot of good friends around the world.

5. Low budget travel
Lodging = camping or host
Transport = your bike
The only expenditure are food and bike maintenance which could be around 5€ a day according to my experience. You do not need to be a millionaire to travel around the world.

6. Challenge of your mind
Days could be hard especially facing wind, hills and rain. You have thousands of reasons to give up but remember the only reason you choose to keep going.

7. Appreciate the nature
You will have plenty of time admiring how beautiful our Mother Nature is: days and nights; colorful trees and fields; sounds of different animals; smells of flowers or cow pooh. Just turn on your sensations and be part of our true reality.

8. Treasure what you have
As you have limited space to store your stuff, everything need to be essential. Learn to be a minimalist and focus yourself of what is truly important to you, you can sacrifice a bit of comfort in exchange of more adventure!

9. Be independent
All the problems you are going to face on the road, you have to cope with it by yourself. It is an opportunity to grow yourself as a better human being. Do not worry, you will learn along the way.

10. A meditation of a lifetime
You learn to talk to yourself in a bike trip, as most of the time you spend it alone on your bike, even if you are cycling in a group. For me it is a daily meditation, to observe how your body and mind works, as well as realizing what your true goal is, for the bike trip and for your life. You have plenty of time to think about it.

Spare 5 minutes to watch this video and you will be more convinced to become a nomadic cyclist!

Come and join the community of touring cyclists, we love sharing touring stories, advice and maybe part of the ride together!! You can start by signing up as a Warmshowers host, to provide accommodation for touring fellows, or joining several “Cycling Touring” Facebook group and simply follow those amazing “Once a lifetime” journeys!

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