Podcasts for touring cyclists

Cycling for 8-10 hours a day is fun, but sometimes it could be boring as well.

Cycling is an individual sport, even if you are cycling with your partner or in a group, you cannot always pedal side by side and chat, especially on the narrow road shoulders. Or if you want to chat with your partner in front, you have to shout because of the wind and car noises.

Sometimes I love to appreciate the views where my bike takes me. But sometimes there is nothing interesting to be seen, and you do not want to waste time, right? I started listening to podcasts everyday when I am on my bike. I learn a lot of new knowledge and hear funny stories and experience while I am listening to them, and here are some of the podcasts I want to recommend you guys. You can either download those episodes which interested you, or get it directly via iTunes:

The Model Health Show

If you want to live a healthier life whether you are touring or working, this show is a MUST to listen. The health expert Shawn Stevenson tells us a lot of updated health information based on valuable researches and experiences. It is not only about vegetarian or vegan anymore, but being conscious of what you eat as everything you put into your mouth is information.

The Model Health Show covers a vast variety of content, besides healthy diet, he also talks about exercise and mental health. I truly hope everyone could listen to at least one episode, I am sure most of you will get addicted to it! Stay active, stay healthy!

Crossing Continents

I am not a super geek about politics, but I am still very interested about what is going on in the world. This BBC podcast records true stories in small corners of the world, including health problems, cultural conflicts, wars, refugees, religions, and all sorts of hidden truth.

If you are touring around the world, you may be interested to know some general backgrounds about the regions that you are riding or going to ride cross.

Costing the Earth

Another BBC podcast, but Costing the Earth focuses more on environmental issues and what actions can we do. If you love cycling around the world, I think you are more or less support the idea of leaving less carbon footprint to this world. We human invent too many stuff which cost the Earth serious price, let’s do our best to be responsible for what we are doing to our home, this lovely Earth!

A History of the world in 100 objects

History is the knowledge that brings us to this stage, and possibly makes us who we are today. This podcast describes 100 objects from the British Museum, and tells you the stories and cultures behind those objects. I learned so much from this podcast and never get bored listening to them again and again.

Amateur Traveler

If you do not have time to do any research on the places you are heading to, try to find a podcast from Amateur Traveler, they cover so many interesting places in their more than 400 podcasts! The only place for improvement is the sound quality of the interviews, sometimes I can hardly understand what their guests were speaking. But overall, you can get a lot of travel tips out of it!


This is the funniest podcast I have ever listened, every week they talk about some recent research on science and technology which influence our society. From genetic engineering, to the space, back to food chemicals, it can totally stimulate your brain to the next level. It is most suitable for a long day riding without anything to see on the road!

There are millions of podcasts out there, I think you can definitely find something you are interested, and you will be entertained when you travel.

One important reminder:

Do not put both earphones on when you are riding your bike, especially on roads share with cars. I always just put one on, leaving my other ear to pay attention to the road situation!! Safety is far more important than being entertained!!

Do you have any other podcasts you like to listen when you travel/cycle? Share with us!

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