Why do you need more?

As many ordinary people think, life should be getting good education, finding an excellent job, earning a lot of money, then marry a beautiful partner, start a happy family, have bunch of kids, live in a grand house…

That is the dream of many people, I admit that I used to think like that when I was younger. It becomes sort of principle or guidelines that everyone has to follow in order not to get lost.

However once we dig deeper and deeper into the materialized world, we are actually the one who get lost. Think about what is your desire that you want to achieve: Money? Power? Security? Appreciation?

One of my best friends who studied with me as a Chinese Medicine doctor, now she earns equivalent to 6000 euros per month, but she is not satisfied. She wants to get more, that is why she is studying a PhD degree, working 12 hours a day, as well as looking for other countries to migrate in order to earn more. And she is not healthy, always having problems with her own body. You can see human’s desire is endless. We want everything in this world, but ironically we do not know how to take care of our physical and spiritual health.

Three and a half years ago, I chose to end my unlimited desire on materials, and instead shifted it to crave for more adventures and priceless experience. I am not Alexander Supertramp in the movie “Into The Wild” that it took seconds for him to get rid of everything, I struggled a bit when I saw a nicer smartphone or camera that I wanted to buy. Now I only receive things from people that they do not need anymore, and I only buy new items when the old ones are no longer functional or totally broken.
This is all my LIFE now, everything is packed to be carried on my bike!
My daily budget since I traveled is around 3-5 euros, which is even less than what I spent working in Hongkong. Buying food from supermarket and cook a meal, or just eating raw food which has even more nutrition. Or most of the case, I accept the invitation of dinning together with hosts or local families.

Do you need more? Or why do you need more?

If we think smartly how to spend our money, avoid buying overly-priced products from top branded companies, and only treat yourself with luxury once in a while, you could save up a lot of money!

And one more reminder, the only thing in the world makes you RICHER when you spend money on is TRAVELING. And the memory lasts forever!

We only live once, make it remarkable! And not regretful!

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