It takes a little courage to pedal naked on the street – World Naked Bike Ride Madrid 2015

Last Saturday it was the day of Ciclonudista (World Naked Bike Ride) in Madrid, being a superfans of cycling, how can I miss such extraordinary event?

Spain is one of the first country to initiate Naked Bike Ride around 15 years ago, and this year Madrid hosts its 13th Naked ride. Most of the other cities in Spain have the events in the same day, mostly second weekend of June. Spanish people are not very punctual, it listed 12:30 as starting time but the ride actually started at around 13:30.
People gathered to chitchat and body paint themselves, carrying strong messages like “Fxxk the traffic” or “Respect our bodies”, which deliver the idea of fighting against oil dependency and cycling road safety.
In big cities like Madrid, traffic is such a huge problem. Every morning, people usually spend more time driving their own cars, than taking public transport or cycling. I don’t have a driving license, can someone who drive everyday tell us the reason you choose to drive to work than other options??
Naked Bike Ride is an alternative way of protest against the monopoly of oil and car companies that they have no ideas of how serious they are damaging the environment and our Mother Nature. Our resources are going to be run out within 50 years, are we going to enjoy ourselves as much as we could, and let our next generation suffer?

Highlight and thoughts about the Ride:

Besides voicing out against the car and oil companies, this naked ride also wish to raise the awareness of cycling road safety. Once I arrived Madrid, I found out how ridiculous the government laid those bike lanes, they have a separated lane protected by little bumpy fence, but only for bus and taxi, while bicycles have to share the lane with cars unprotected. I really cannot see why buses and taxis needed to be protected but not bicycles!
That is why separate bike lanes are necessary to be prepared in a reasonable way. If government could provide a relatively safe environment for people to ride their bikes, surely it would encourage more people to switch to cycling.
The idea of Naked Bike Ride is spread to almost 30 countries in the world, this protest will never end until we can see the decrease of people buying cars and driving on the roads.
We all love our bodies, but wiser people love our planet more. When there are people who could disregard of their personal shame, to confront those higher authorities, that is an obvious and serious issue that we have to address!
Think deeply of what we are doing everyday, and be conscious of living a low carbon life!
Funny facts about Naked Bike Ride:
1. Clothing is optional, and it is not obligated to be totally naked.
2. Use your body as a message board, or an art tool to bring a positive idea to the world. You can regard it as an artistic performance as well.
3. It is a bit chilly if the sun does not shine. But it is too sunny, make sure to put sunscreen on your private parts as they are very sensitive to sun! They are not used to UV light as you may know.
4. As a male, it is very comfortable to cycle naked, as there is no clothes to keep rubbing your private parts.
5. Ride slow and try not to fall.
For more information, check this out:
See if there is any event in your county, I am sure it will be an experience of a lifetime.
Have you ever joined or wanted to join naked bike ride? Share your ideas and experience!

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