Living in a yurt and Running in Basque Country


The next day it was a fun ride as we rolled down the hill from Vitoria towards Bilbao. Hitting both the breaks fully for almost 10km, we definitely wish that it could happen everyday. But if we did not climb up with all our strength and exhausted to death the previous day, we could not experience the continuous rolling downhill ever. It also reflects the fact in our lives, that we study, encounter problems, push hard to achieve our goals, after we reach the climax, it is time to embrace what we have gained and enjoy a bit of time without pedaling. But once we arrive at the sea-level, we realize that the joy we just experienced is temporary, nothing is obtained materially, only the good memories last forever!

Our encounter with Aitor came from an unforgettable memory! 6 years ago when Sean traveled to Uzbekistan, he met Aitor, a very special soul that Sean never forget his stories about living with Sharman in Amazon forest, as well as meditating in Sahara Desert. We were so glad that our life paths crossed each other again, this time at Aitor’s home in Basque Country. He told us he is taking care of a Mongolian yurt in a little mountainous village called Zeberio. That is why we finally ended up living in a yurt in Basque Country!

The yurt is fully equipped with solar energy and compose toilet, we found it very ecological friendly with all the positive energy from the nature. The owner keeps more than a dozen chickens and they give us free organic eggs everyday. A very ridiculous law which passed in Spain that they would punish people who use private solar panels, WHAT?? You can see how the Spanish government is connected with energy companies……unbelievable!


After a lot of catch up with Aitor of what had happened in all those years that he became a Shaman himself, that he organizes spiritual healing with people who seek his help!

We were also noticed that there is a function called Korrika (A Run to promote Basque Language) happening all over Basque Country.
A little bit background information about Basque Country:
Yes, they are fighting for independence from Spain, as they have totally different language and culture from the rest of Spain. Actually Basque Country has been granted independence in 1936-37, but it ended soon during Spanish civil war. The dictator ruler Franco banned the usage of Basque language and imposed a lot of laws to stop Basque to separate from Spain. The suppressed feeling of freedom is founded in every bones in Basque people, a separation group ETA Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (“Basque Homeland and Liberty”) was formed and some sorts of terrorist attacks were carried out in various parts of Spain. That is why it is very easy to link Basque with Terrorism, because the media and news in the past 10 years were focusing on this issue. In 2010 the leader of ETA was arrested and in 2011 the group declared a ceasefire with Spain, and wished the Spanish government to return all the criminals to Basque jails.


In my opinion, a group which kill innocent people NEVER wins, as ordinary people will not submit to a government which might kill them one day without a reason. I do not want to talk too much about politics here, but I believe that to maintain a harmonic autonomy situation with Spain benefit the most to the citizens.


Anyway, Bike Forwards was honored to witness and join Korrika which only happen every 2 years. Tipi Tapa Tipi Tapa Korrika (step by step) is their slogan! And during this activity, all the nations in the world who want to be independence show up, including Tibet, Kurdistan, Scotland….maybe I should carry a Hongkong flag and join the march as well.

Basque Country has a lot to do to wash away the bad reputation in the world, and start to promote the beauty of its nation. It comes with small steps, how about presenting itself as an environmental friendly and self-sustainable nation? Maybe living in a yurt and using solar panels and windmills help! Who knows?

A view from Gaztelugatxe cathedral, Basque country coastline!


Have you been to Basque country? Share your experience with us! You can talk about politics here!!

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