Russia to Spain Tour Leg 30 – Nantes to La Rochelle

Using my new second hand smartphone to navigate was like 10 times faster (in my old phone, I had to wait 5 mins for a command to run in my map), I know I am addicted to modern technology, but just essential things could satisfy me, I don’t need to change it whenever the new products are released, and I don’t mind using second hand, and with weird brand name, like Logicom.


From Nantes to La Rochelle it is around 150km, so I broke into 2 days. I was also lucky to receive 3 hosts who said they could host me in La Roche sur Yon, and sadly I had to turn down 2 of them. First day the road was quite boring, I just randomly took some pictures along the way. The view is natural anyway, with cows or vineyard at the background!


I arrived my hosts’ home at around 5pm, the father Jean-Francois welcomed me with his daughter, and I had time to put the extra tube protecting layer on the front tyre as well (I put it at the rear tyre 2 weeks ago and no more punctured happened). Then after a while, his son and his wife Francoise came back and joined the dinner.

I always love to stay and play with little kids, as I don’t have to pretend anything, just be a friendly big brother and they surely love to have you as a company! After dinner, I showed my hosts how to do some yin yoga posts so that they can practice by themselves!


Said goodbye to such lovely family in the morning, and I gotta head south towards La Rochelle. The road was still a bit plain, but I enjoyed the tranquility out in the wild, that I could meditate, or sing out loud without any people judging me.

La Rochelle is a lovely town with a huge harbor, with all the boats dock there!

Waited at a local restaurant at 6pm for my next host Fabien, he told me we might go to Limoges to repair his boat, or stayed at his house near La Rochelle for the weekend. I also met his friend Matthieu and we went for a drink and began to chat, that was where a true friendship began! Captain Fabien is taking his skipper course which will be finished in April 2015, he and his girlfriend Claire are now planning for a boat trip around the world starting in summer 2015, that’s why they have to repair their boat to get ready for the adventure!

Here is his website and you can see the progress of the boat being repaired:

And the most important point is they are not doing it only for leisure, they want to spread the idea of simple and healthy living style to the world. Fabien totally involves in organic vegan diet, he taught me so many things that we could actually do to be more health-conscious!

Kombucha and Spirulina are the 2 magical products we should intake everyday to maintain good health. Kombucha is a drink fermented by a special mushroom, which the enzyme and probiotics created are very good for our digestive system. Spirulina is a plant protein obtained from algae, it is rich in all the amino acids and vitamins that our bodies need. A small amount of intake is already beneficial in a nutritional level. Once I settle down somewhere in the future, I will surely make them on my own.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Another big discovery was Green medicinal clay, which many French people use it as a cosmetic product. But other than that, Claire told me it helps with wound healing, stomach problem, even for washing hairs in order to avoid using chemicals. They bought me a box, hopefully I could experience the use of it soon!


Thanks so much for that wonderful weekend that we decided to stay at Fabien’s home and shared about our knowledge, plans, and possibility to travel together! I was so grateful to meet them, and share my Chinese medicine knowledge with them.

Of course, all the fresh and raw meals are incredible!


Fabien also shared with me his knowledge of edible wild plants, and he made a wonderful sauce using just the leaves and nuts. I am sure I will do more research on wild plants so that we could just eat them on the way!

Once they start their journey, they welcome anyone who share the same value of life to join them. I really want to sail around the world at some point of my life, so here is the first step, and I can really see this dream is coming true soon!

Anyway, we will meet again in another part of the world, I am sure we will!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here is the new website they are making (I am one of the crew already, haha!):

Nantes to La Rochelle  155km

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