Russia to Spain Tour Leg 22 – St Andrew to Edinburgh

The way leaving St Andrew I had to travel the same way back, but it was nice to enjoy the view of Lomond Hills Regional Park again, except the climbing. The day was so sunny that I could feel the sunshine the whole way.


Passing through Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy, I reached the coastal line. Kirkcaldy seems to be a nice seaside town but I didn’t have much time to stop and see. This shocking RED just caught my attention!! So pretty!


After the town Inverkeithing, there comes the 2 bridges heading to Edinburgh, the red one is for trains and the white one for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. It is so nice that people can cycle across the bridge, unlike the one linking Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark!!


It took another 30km to ride pass Edinburgh to Musselburgh (a suburb of Edinburgh) where my next hosts live. On the warmshower profile, I knew already that it would be an amazing experience to meet a couple who just returned home after 4 YEARS cycling trip around the world! Warren and Esther have so many stories to tell, their journey was absolutely adventurous, here is their blog:

During those 2 days in Edinburgh, sightseeing became a lower priority but to chat and learn from this lovely couple was the most important issue! Apart from sharing the joy and struggle along the way, they gave me a lot of advice on what gears should I upgrade so that my touring trip could be made easier! Comparing to them, I am totally an amateur cyclist, however, I still made that far from Russia to here, despite the numerous punctures I had along the way, I am proud of myself. A hundred years ago when people didn’t have cycling shoes, superlight nor waterproof materials, they still could travel the world with simple items, so why not now? But of course I am going to find a balance between the price and durability, so that I won’t have to replace stuff all the time.

Edinburgh is a vintage capital where you can still find a lot of preserved-well old buildings, you just couldn’t miss the Edinburgh castle on top of a hill.


A panoramic view from Calton Hill in the middle of the city.


Sir Walter Scott Memorial, to remember one of Scotland’s greatest novelists.


Man dress up in traditional Scottish kilt performing bagpipes music.


Warren and Esther brought me to a café where JK Rowling spent her time writing “Harry Potter”!


The National Museum of Scotland is a sister of British Museum in London, which offer a huge collection of everything. You can spend the whole day wandering inside!


After the dinner we exchange more traveling and life stories, and I was amazed by Esther’s drawing she did in their cycling trip! This is the online album showcasing her artpiece:

The whole experience staying with Warren and Esther encouraged me a lot to keep going, no matter how difficult the trip will be ahead, if you fix your mind on it, your willpower can definitely get you passed it!


St Andrews to Edinburgh (Musselburgh)  100km

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