Russia to Spain Tour Leg 21 – Glasgow to St Andrews

I was exhausted after the 5km Parkrun, but I St Andrews is 135km away in the east coast, spending one and a half day would be ideal.

Thanks my host Martin for riding with me along the canal, the Scottish canal way is much more well constructed compare with the English one. We cycled pass one of the 2 remaining Roman walls but we had an extra hour to hike up to have a look.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We finally departed on the midway to Falkirk. It was always a little bit sad when I got along well with some of my hosts but had to say goodbye after 2 days, we made a wish that we would meet again one day!

Arriving Falfrik at around 2pm, I saw the famous Falkirk wheel which transport cars and passengers between 2 canals.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Carried on across the bridge, until the sun went down. I located a park in the little town Kingseat (after passing Dunfermline) , a hidden corner was perfect to spend a night!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On the way from Kingseat to St Andrews, there is Lomond Hills National Park, although I was exhausted climbing uphill, the view it offers was extraordinary.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

St Andrews is an university town, it become well-known because Prince William studied here and met her wife Kate. Everything in town are in walking distance. My Russian friend Anastasia lives in a messy but yet artistic student dormitory, I was happy to meet many of her friends, it totally reminded me my college times, which was just a couple years ago but seemed so far as well.

Anastasia took me to a coastal walk. We chatted and she suddenly suggested to jump into the water! Crazy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Me: We don’t have swimming suits.
She: I don’t mind swim naked.
I kept my boxers on and immersed myself into the cold sea. Freezing cold!! Watching her swimming like a seal in the water, I really wish my hydrophobia was gone! I was so embarrassed to barely hold the rocks that prevent being washed away by the waves! Actually cold water bath is very beneficial to boost up our immune system!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Doing crazy things are always part of my journey, I truly thank my friend to invite me to swim in the North Sea!

We then had a tasting meal after a vegan Chinese cooking class in the university. I do miss Chinese cuisine, so nice to taste it in Scotland.

The next day I did some sightseeing in town. The haunted St Andrews Cathedral ruin and cementery.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Castle beside the sea. A rainbow hiding behind the cloud!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

St Andrews is also a place famous of playing golf. I met more friends in the dormitory, glad to share my travel stories with them. It is my pleasure to inspire more young people to just go out from their comfort zone and society expectation. Chase for your dreams, ignore how other people think about you, TO LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE!

Glasgow to St Andrews  135km

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