It is a movie about everyone, growing up from a kid to teenager, and then become an adult, all the challenges and frustrations we all come across along the way, nobody can ever skip those moments….c’est la vie!!

Appreciate the director who made this film over 12 years, captured footages of stories when Mason grew up, started to understand how to live his life, from being protected in a greenhouse, to facing his parents’ divorce, being bullied at school, first time having a relationship, going to colleges….all the stepping stones we have to go through in the loop of life!

The movie also portraits another dimensions about Mason’s sister Samantha; as well as their mum Olivia, which are very inspirational and soulful to care about our loved ones when we grow up, not just selfishly thinking about ourselves!

“You don’t want bumper, LIFE don’t give you bumpers!”

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