Russia to Spain Tour Leg 16 – Rugby to Chester and the way to Holyhead

From Rugby to Chester it is around 160km and I would rather make it into 2 days. The first day passing the second largest city Birmingham, and I stopped at Newport, camping at the cricket stadium for a night.


Next day it supposed to be a nice ride to Chester, beautiful weather, not so tough road…However, on the way there was a strange sound coming out from my rear wheel. I thought it was the shield hitting the tyre again, but later found out it was much more serious problem, the rim of the tyre popped out causing part of the inner tube jumped out and kept hitting the break.

I released the break to just temporarily solve the problem and hopefully I could hang on until reaching my host’s place in Chester. But bad things never happen by itself, it was probably the broken rim causing the inner tube more vulnerable, the first puncture happened. I stopped for half an hour to fix it, including the rim to see if it could last the final 25km.


When it came to the last 6km, the second puncture of the day happened. Another cause of the puncture was the torn off surface of the rear tyre, it meant that I have to change the whole wheel, tyre and inner tube!! I was very desperate on the road, had no choice but to call my host to see if they could pick me up.

Thanks for Wendy and Rob, they helped me so much, from fetching me to their home, to finding a proper wheel to be replaced and the attractions to be seen in town. This little town is appealing with its Cathedral, Clock Tower and Grosvenor Museum.



On the way back to my host’s home, I met a homeless guy on the road, we started chatting and he suddenly asked if I am living in a dream. I hesitated for a while and answered YES! I am dreaming everyday, waking up at different places in this world, meeting new and old friends, enjoying the moment! That is what should be in a journey, not sticking in a particular schedule, but immerse yourself into every situations you come across on the road, spreading good vibes to people around you, smile and be grateful! Dreaming is always a good thing, you can do whatever you want in your dreams, but not directed by somebody else!


Farewell from Chester, I was on my way to Holyhead to take the ferry to Ireland. At a certain point near Deeside, I was surprised to find the bike route was totally flooded and covered by water and I had no choice but to find a way across a field. And a weird thing in UK for bike rider is those narrow gate along bike routes. It is certainly not very bike friendly when you are traveling with pannier bags and you gotta dismount all the things because those gates are too narrow to let you pass.


Conwy castle on the way


I was planning to spend a night in Bangor, the road was not too difficult to ride and I passed Bangor towards Isle of Anglesey. Found a furniture shop which got a garden outside and I cooked and camped there for a night.


The smallest House in UK, don’t know if it is true or not.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The next day it was just a short ride towards Holyhead. I was going to take the Irish ferry to Dublin, which is a nice ride but poor wifi again… I always like taking ferries, being in the middle of an ocean makes me realize how small we are and how unnecessary to worry things. I am already very lucky to live in my dream!! Ireland, I am coming soon!!


Rugby to Chester 160km

Chester to Holyhead 125km

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