Russia to Spain Tour Leg 11 – Copenhagen to Flensburg, Germany

Since my best friend from America is joining me to cycle together in Ireland in mid-September, and I spent longer time in Finland and Sweden than I planned, mainly due to my carefree spirit to stay longer at one place and enjoy meeting new friends or embrace the natural beauty! The following 2 weeks will be a bit hectic, crossing Germany, Holland and UK in a rush. I am sure I will travel back to the 3 countries later on in my journey!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Leaving Copenhagen, I took the way to Rosklide and Koge towards Korsor. Denmark countryside got excellent bike lane as well. I even took out my Kindle ebook to read my audio books, or listen to podcasts! Finally I can entertain myself while biking 10 hours a day!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I did dumpster diving near Korsor and got many fruits again. I think I don’t need to buy fruits anymore, there are always surplus in shops!
You couldn’t ride your bike to the next island, without either taking a ferry or a train. I took the train to Odense, stopped for a few hours to visit Hans Christian Anderson birthplace and museum. I was so lucky at the ticket counter:
‘Do you have discount for students? ‘
‘I am so sorry, we don’t. ‘
I was about to pay the fee, but she looked at me with sympathy.
‘But…I can grant you free entry to the museum, you only have to fill in a questionaire for us! ‘
‘Wow, really? That’s wonderful! Surely I can do it! ‘
I saved around 10 euros with a big smile! The museum is not that big, but it recalled my childhood memories of reading “Ugly ducklings” and “The match-selling girl”. HC Anderson’s children fairy tales created huge impact around the world, everyone in Hongkong knows his stories. I truly appreciate all the positive meanings behind each fairy-tale, it is so crucial for nowadays kids to read them, instead of playing angry bird games on their tablets. Does any parents realise those games are too violent to their children?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am also surprised to learn about Anderson’s life, that he didn’t hide his affection towards both men and women. In the 19th century, it must be really hard to be labelled as bisexual, but I admire his courage and “bigger love” that need not to be limited by genders.

If you are cycling in Denmark, besides and you can find friendly hosts, you have to download an app in your smartphone, called “Shelter”! It collects all the data where you can find almost free huts, camping grounds, people’s gardens…with detailed information (but only in Danish).
I stayed a night near Kolding, the Danish grandma was quite nice, she didn’t speak English at all, but tried her best to make me comfortable. I pinched my tent in her garden full of flowers, washed the grapes and tomatoes I got at the dumpster, and had a great meal.


There are lots more to be visited in Denmark but I had to cut it short. Hopefully my fate will bring me to this Green nation soon!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Korsor to Kolding 70km
Kolding to Flensburg 79km

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