Russia to Spain Tour Leg 10 – Malmo to Copenhagen

This is actually not a leg, but I have cycled all over Copenhagen, in which I felt in love with the very organized biking lanes.
Malmo and Copenhagen are linked by a recently built bridge, you can drive, take a train or bus to go to either side, but you cannot ride your bike which is quite absurd. It’s all about money money money! As riding bikes are free of charge, or if they built the bike route and charged every cyclists crossing the bridge, it would take ages to get the profit back.
Anyway, the view across the bridge is nice, especially a straight line of windmills near Danish side, which the wind energy supplies 30% of the country’s consumption. Already I realised I arrived in an Eco-friendly nation!
The first night my host brought me to try “folk’s kitchen”(Danish: folkekokken ). It is a super good concept to collect leftover food from grocery stores and bakeries, and people volunteer to do the cooking and serve dinner to anyone based on donation. There are plenty of students as well as homeless people come and share the meal, such a good idea to help those who cannot afford dining in “fancy restaurant”! We even took some bread home (more than we could eat, and I felt sorry that 3 of them turned into stone hard and I had to throw it away….), next time I should just take what I could possibly eat, but not wasting it again. Just imagine food has “life” as well, they loved to be eaten, not to be dumped in the bin!

My warmshowers host Marco was so friendly to spend most of his days cycling with me and showing me different interesting places in town. Being elected to be “Green capital of Europe 2014”, Copenhagen has a lot to show the world how to do things in long term and sustainable way. Besides wind power and cycling habits, another highlights are ecological food and creativity based on recycling items. We visited quite a lot of second hand shops, people love to buy things there! And there are restaurants, playgrounds as well as museums which were totally built of recycling things!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some of you may have heard about Christiania, the free and self-sustainable town inside Copenhagen, a place where you can do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t create inconvenience to others. You could publicly smoke marijuana in the area, that photography is not allowed. If you are also that open minded, you can definitely meet a lot of friends there.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One more interesting thing, they produce their own brand of bikes called “Christiania bike”, a bike with a front loader that can carry stuff and also a friend!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


One evening Marco asked if I wanted to “dumpster diving” with him tonight, I was a bit hesitated as I couldn’t swim well….He bursted into a big laugh because he was talking about picking trash food from supermarket dumpster, I was so embarrassed that it was the first time I heard this term. Marco knows most of the supermarkets which their dumpsters are not locked, we arrived one shortly after  it closed, and we found heaps of still-looking-good vegetables and fruits! We were so grateful to get so many free food! If I had acquired this strategy earlier, I could have saved up more money, as well as helping and showing our world how much food human beings are wasting everyday!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am sure you would love Copenhagen once you breathe in its free and green air. There is a website: where you can find free museums to go and things to do. I planned to stay 3 days but ended up staying a whole week, some positive vibrations in my mind kept me there. Here are some more highlights in town:
Little mermaid based on HC Anderson’s storyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Carlsberg area, the foundation of a well-known beer brand in the world


Nyhamn, new harbour with nice looking houses beside the harbour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tivoli, one of the oldest theme park in Europe, very classical!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Visit Copenhagen when you have chance! It is a paradise!

One thought on “Russia to Spain Tour Leg 10 – Malmo to Copenhagen

  1. I didn’t quite understand why your warmshowers host wanted you to join him in dumpster diving. Was just a recreational thing/getting food?

    It’s like panhandling (begging for fun) when you really don’t need to. Or maybe he had to?

    Sorry I see those dumpsters as not clean…honest. Dumpster diving is in Toronto, Vancouver, etc. where I’ve lived.

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