Russia to Spain Tour Leg 9 – Kalmar to Malmo via Ystad and Ales Stener

Wishing my new friends doing well in the coming Ironman triathlon, I continue heading down south, first to Karlskrona, Ystad and finally Malmo. My final leg in Sweden, I am going to make it remarkable!

The ride towards Karlskrona is pretty straight forward and flat, it didn’t take me long to reach this naval base. There are coastal guard ships in the harbour to ensure the sea traffic is secure.


The maritime museum is popular here, and just next to it, there is a public diving spot, kids are having fun when summer is still here!


Karlskrona has the oldest Wooden Church in Sweden, built in the 13th century.


In the main square around the 2 big churches, you can find this statue with the background of nice red Swedish houses!


The next day I rode another 130km to the town called Kristianstad, meaning “Christian’s city”, which I saw this amazing “hay rolls” during sunset, absolutely beautiful that I swear I didn’t photoshop any of my pictures, they look naturally great!


Then continue going south I reached the “Swedish Stonehenge” Ales Stenar, which was mystically found here hundred years ago. Some archeologists guessed it was a “Stone boat”, some said it was a vagina-shaped figure to honor the power of women. There is no conclusion, just like the Stonehenge in England, yet it is nice to touch the stones and connect with our ancestors living thousand years ago.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The town next to Ales Stenar called Ystad is definitely worth stopping for at least two days, as you can see the traditional Skane designed wooden houses, as well as the oldest theatre in Sweden.


The St Maria Church still keeps an old tradition, which is keeping a night watch guard watching over in the church tower. This tradition began in mid-1700s and is still alive. You can hear him blowing the horn four times per night.


Another highlight of this part of my trip was meeting a great host Jan. He inspired me A LOT about his organic vegan diet, his knowledge is impeccable and all his arguments are full of explanation and experiment. I truly appreciate Jan, and I will study more about nutrition to live a healthier life like him! 

Meeting him is like meeting an old friend that our energies totally matched, I am sure our paths will cross again in the near future! Such a warm feeling to make friends carrying charismatic soul!

On the way from Ystad to Malmo, it was raining heavily accompanied with strong side wind. Although it was only 70km, it took me almost 7 hours to reach Malmo. Adverse conditions can only make me stronger now, I was surprised that I didn’t complain even a word along the way even I was totally wet and riding super slow. Cycling becomes a part of meditation! I totally enjoy every moment, since then only positive thoughts came out of my mind!

I didn’t visit much in Malmo, as I enjoy spending time with my host, chatting about Sport medicine as he is a sport physiotherapist. He is another inspiration for me, to find out what my master degree on sport medicine could benefit me in the future. To be honest, I have learnt nothing from the course 4 years ago. If I want to develop my career in sports, I should self-study more on the latest therapies and training protocols!

The turning torso in Malmo, the tallest building in Scandinavian Europe.


Before leaving Malmo, there was a sudden heavy rain, everyone rushed to find a shelter in order not to get wet. After a while, the sun came out and there was a very distinct double Rainbow crossing the sky!! It was such a moment that moved my heart, gave me hope to carry on, because no matter how bad the situations were, it will eventually pass and you could see a colorful rainbow! So hang on when your world caves in, be patient, the darkness cannot last long!

Kalmar to Ystad 210km
Ystad to Malmo 70km


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