Russia to Spain Tour Leg 7 – Norrkoping to Jonkoping

Norrkoping is an old industrial town which most of the factories had been closed after second world war, because of the huge competition with the Asian markets. Now most of the factories are transformed into various kinds of museum. There are 2 of them you can enter for free: Arbetet Museum (Museum of Work) and Stadsmuseum (City Museum). They are just next to each other. You can have a very board picture about the history, culture and environmental issues of Norrkoping and nearby areas!


There is a Harry Potter museum in town as well, for those fans who are searching for the magical experience!

Thanks for my host Emil for showing me a bit of the city, and I am looking forward to your big journey next year! Stepping out of your comfort zone requires determination and courage, and I can see both in you! The world is waiting for you! And all of you who want to grow and find about yourself and the world!

After Norrkoping, I turn west towards Lake Vattern, thanks for my another host Martin who guided me through WhatsApp messages on the way, otherwise I could have missed so many interesting attractions in this road. First of all, an old town Vadstena just next to the lake is really classical, the big monastery and the slott (castle) are worth visiting!


Then going down south along the coast, Rok is a place which archeologists found the oldest Swedish stone carving. And the wind farms all over the place are good background for nice pictures!


Going down south to Granna, which is the gateway to the Visingso island in the middle of Lake Vattern, but one way it costs 80 kronas including the bike (which is more costly than from Aland to Grisslehamn), so I didn’t make the trip. Granna is famous for its handmade candies!! I am sure you will get toothache after eating one of those huge lollipops!


Resting in Jonkoping for 2 nights, my host Ulf took me to visit 2 milking farms, the latter one got an automatic milking robot machine that milking the cows by itself. How awesome is that, and I am quite amazed by how obedient are the cows!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We also went up to a hill where we can have a bird-eye view of the Smaland forest, such a green area without any pollution!


I am so grateful for all my hosts and friends whom I met on the road, they all add new elements into my journey to make it more colorful and meaningful! I am sure that our friendship didn’t just stop there when I left, I will always remember your kindness and generosity you have shown me!! All the best to you my friends!!


Norrkoping to Jonkoping  178km

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