Russia to Spain Tour Leg 6 – Stockholm to Norrkoping

Stockholm Pride is over, time to say goodbye to this vibrant city. I haven’t visited most of the touristic sites, if I was not volunteering, I just went to the library to do some reading or watch a movie. To be honest, it is quite tiring to be a “typical tourist” everyday to run through all the check points on their lists. Hopefully I am not that typical, at least I could spend the whole day in State Library or McDonald, like some local dude.


From Stockholm to Norrkoping is around 175km, as cyclists cannot ride on highway, we have to take the smaller roads. On the way I really enjoy riding the road Skanssundet (with a free ferry connection in between), pleasant view with open fresh air!


I bought a Swedish made dessert called Risifrutti, which is a rice pudding with fruit jam. It tastes good but kind of small.


Stopping one night in Vagnharad church, sleeping in the middle of a cemetery with all the graves around is really a nice experience. Actually it was not that scary, and there are 3 main reasons I like to stay next to churches:

  1. Quiet and peaceful, nobody disturb you
  2. Free water supply that I could wash my feet, face and even hair
  3. Stay closer to God


Carry on next day to Nykoping and then Norrkoping, I was supposed to stay in my host’s place that night, but due to electrical problem of the train, he was stuck in Gothenburg and couldn’t be back until next day. It was alright, I just camped one more night then. That night I was doing research on the following route, and I decided to give up Gothenburg but instead going down south to the “Kingdom of Crystals and Glasses”, Kalmar and “Swedish Stonehenge Ales Stenar”!


It was really hot so I opened half of my tent cover, and after midnight I heard something walking around my tent, then I saw a big “animal shadow”!!! Then a long hairy tail appeared at the other side of my tent, there were 2 FOXES searching for food!! I was not that scared but I didn’t want them around, one fox walked towards me and I had to scared it away (but roaring like a LION!!)! Thanks God they finally went back into the forest and I could have a nice sleep!


Stockholm to Norrkoping  175km

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