95 euros in 3 weeks in Finland

I understand tight budget trip is not a really popular among most people, that you have to count exactly how much you spend everyday and be careful not to drink too many beers as it could out budget your trip.

However, I just want to show everyone that it is possible to do it and I am quite happy during that 3 weeks in Finland, meeting new people, camping in the wild, and eating similar food everyday.


That 95 euros actually include food, ferry transportation to islands and Sweden, Castles entry, 2-3 museums entry, sauna, and a tool to repair my bike.


And here are the tips I can show you:

  • Bring a tent and sleep everywhere, use Couchsurfing.org or Warmshowers.org , Finnish people are nice to host you and sometimes share their food, and they will take you to their private saunas!
  • Cycling along the journey, which saves all the train or bus costs. Ask local people and take cheaper ferries, not the big companies.
  • Bring a cooking set and have pasta everyday, each dinner is less than a euro! And museli, bread, ham, digestive biscuit, glucose and multi-vitamins pills are quite affordable here. I focus more on the nutritious values than the taste, and make sure I have enough calories to be burnt during the day. And of course all the vitamins and minerals I need to be healthy!
  • Bring a student card, just show them, they don’t check it very carefully…you can get discount on museums and castles entry fees.
  • During some festivals, if they charge entry fees, don’t be afraid to tell the ticket officers that you have no money to pay but could they let you in for 15 mins to take some pictures and leave. It worked for me, better than climbing fences and sneaking in…
  • Get as many free things you can see in town: toilet papers, ketchup, salt and pepper, sugar, water, whatever you don’t need to pay.
  • Last but not least, SHARE everything you have with people you meet on the way!! Good karma will come back to you in the most surprising way!


Here is my message:

You don’t need to be a millionaire to travel around the world, just do your travel in your own way, own pattern. The uncertainties force you to grow as a richer, happier and more easily satisfied person in your life journey!

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