Russia to Spain Tour Leg 4 – Tampere to Mariehamn, Aland

Honestly, if I could have planned my trip better, and decided earlier to go to Aland instead of Northern Finland, I could save this backtracking route from Tampere to Turku. But anyway, you can see how random is my trip, and I am following my heart, not my plan!

There is a longer way to go through Pori, which I had a good reason to visit as the famous Pori Jazz festival is undergoing every year in mid-July. Sadly I skipped Pori, I just want to Aland as soon as possible. (I made the decision an hour before I left Tampere, haha) It took me one and a half day to reach Turku, stopping at Oripaa for a night. Finally I came back to a city that I have been and I loved the feeling! This time I just got some food supply and continued!

Actually from Turku, you can take those luxury ferry, like Viking Line or Silja Line to Mariehamn and Stockholm, it costs at least 20 euros. Thanks to my Couchsurfing host who told me a more economical way. That is to cycle 80km more to the island Korpo, and take the local ferry from Galtby to Langnas. It only costs me 6 euros!! On the way you can take 2 free ferries crossing the islands, of course the views are magnificent!


I camped a night in Nagu next to the Baltic Sea. Cooked my usual macaroni and enjoyed it when I sat in the pier, the happiness was speechless! I hoped I could share it with my friends and loved ones.


You can read the schedule of the ferry between Galtby to Langnas from here:

And of course if you have more time, you could stop for a couple of nights on those archipelagos along the way!

There are wifi on the ferries, so you won’t be bored on the 5-6 hours journey!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And from Langnas, it is another 30km to Mariehamn. Aland is totally cycle friendly islands, it is flat and bike routes are perfect! And you could basically camp everywhere on the islands!

I had a very interesting encounter with 2 Russian cyclists, and the story is written here:

I will spend a whole week in this amazing island. Stay tune for my experience!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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