Working and Traveling at the same time

30 years ago, it was hard to imagine one can work and travel at the same time except you are journalist or photographer. Due to the development of digital technology, so many jobs are reduced into just a laptop and a wifi network, eg. designing, online trading, even teaching languages. Working is no longer confined in a square office, but the dance floor of the whole world.

Besides, there are working holiday visa for young people who are aged below 30 in a certain countries, check the mutual agreement of your country with another one. Working holiday visa is different from working visa in the way that you don’t have to pre-arrange a job and have it signed the visa for yoy prior to your departure, but just GO and you have 1 year to find jobs according to your interest.

If you are interested to work remotely and travel at the same time, here are some of my suggestions:

1. If you are talented in designing or making webpages, go for it. Publicize by all kinds of social network, I am sure you will get something.

2. Fancy of being a model or photographer? Try:

3. Teaching your language through Skype, and your students pay you. Try this:
And there are plenty different freelance teaching opportunity on Skype, they are easy to google out.

4. If you have business talent, why don’t you purchase something for example in India or Thailand, then sell it through your local market or online stores?

5. If you are talented in any martial arts or yoga, get a certification and you can teach anywhere.

6. If you don’t mind to get paid by only accommodation and food, these 3 sites are perfect for you:
You only have to work 4-6 hours a day for your host, others are your free time and you can find or negotiate a paid job if you are worth it.

There are plenty of opportunities out there in the world. Seize the moment when you are still young and do some crazy things!

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