Banya – Russian sauna

Many people are still paranoid of showing their private parts in front of strangers, while in many countries like Japan and Korea, outdoor hotsprings are very popular and they do it without speedo nor bikini. In Russia (or I can say former Soviet countries), “Banya” is a real delight for people. It is also regard as one of the first medicine in anicent Russia.

Banya is not much a difference with a normal western sauna, you can imagine a steam room sit with naked person of your same sex (they separate rooms or time for opposite sex). What is the main highlight is this: Venik, a bunch of branches with leaves. In Russian banya, nobody is kind to you, don’t ever expect anybody doing massage. While they believe in a more aggressive way to make your body relax, to hit it with hot Venik! They believe patting your skin with hot leaves can improve your circulation and strengthen your immune system.

So, if you are bored with normal sauna, try the Russian version and you would be excited about it, for sure! And don’t be shy, it is just part of our gorgeous bodies.

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