Love my Yoga family

An intensive one month Yoga TTC training is over, everyone is my class evolve to be yoga teachers. Like a dream come true, it opens a lot of doors for me to really work anywhere I want. I have to thank all my teachers and classmates who share knowledge and love during this one month, we cried, we laughed, we bear the pain, we studied and practised together! The friendship we developed is sincere and real, although we came from 12 different countries, we strive for the same goal and we achieved it.


There is no party without a farewell, although it is hard to say goodbye, some of us have made plans to visit each other and made some yoga projects together! Such a nice yoga family we have formed!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My Yin yoga teacher Cecilia inspires me the most, since Yin yoga incorporates a lot of concepts of Chinese medicine, especially five elements and meridians, which matches my own profession. Now I have to self study more about Yin yoga as we have already planned to open a Yin yoga course next year!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
This journey opens my eyes and I know it is just the beginning! Surely God will lead me to meet more experienced yogis that we could learn and share from each other!

Thanks God that I can say I have found my passion to start my career step by step!

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