Scandal of applying Indian tourist visa

India, an amazing country which depends heavily on tourism and foreign investment for its economic growth. I have been there several times, but everytime the application of tourist visa gives me HUGE HEADACHES. It is better to apply it in your own country, which is the cheapest way. However, if you are long distance travelers, you can’t always go back home to apply for visa of the next countries you are heading to. Then you have no option but to get it in another country.

I am on the way from New Zealand, back to Australia, then aiming to India. The cheapest way is to take Airasia flight, stopping in Kuala Lumpur, that’s why I am planning to get my Indian visa there. But wait, why don’t I get it in New Zealand and Australia? Because they are expensive!! The price of foreigners to get Indian visa in Australia is about 110AUD, while it is around 50-70AUD in Southeast Asian countries. Also the cost of living while I am waiting for the visa would be much lower to do it outside Australia.

When I saw there was a 20% off of Airasia tickets, I couldn’t wait to plan a brief time flame and book the tickets. I got my Indian visa last year in Kathmandu, Nepal, so I suppose it would be the same to get it in KL. After a few days, I did more research on that, and the reality started showing up. Check this out:

Very small notes listed at the bottom of the page, saying:
“Non-Malaysian Foreigners have to produce copy of Passport, including the Malaysian visa page proving two years continuous residency in Malaysia along with the application.”

Why do foreigners need to stay in Malaysia for 2 years in order to apply for Indian tourist visa?? That’s a STUPID rule, absolutely ridiculous! I sent an email to double check, and got a reply asking me to go back to my own country to apply for it. Oh my God…it doesn’t facilitate world traveler at all…!! Singapore has the same shit…So the remaining choice would be: Thailand, Nepal and Sri Lanka. These 3 places are pretty easy to give out Indian visa as I have read on internet. As I don’t want to cancel my flights going through Kuala Lumpur, the only option is to buy a return ticket from KL to somewhere and back. Bangkok, Thailand seems to be the best choice as it is the cheapest among 3.


In Thailand, it takes around 6-8 working days for processing the visa, and they issue to EVERYONE! The cost is 2480 bhats for foreigners, but be sure to prepare two 2”x2” photos or otherwise you need to spend 200 bhats more for taking a new one.

Now wherever you apply for Indian visa, you have to complete an online form, print it out and hand it with 2 passport sized photos and photocopies of previous Indian visas and passport.

There is another update saying that Indian government will consider giving visa-on-arrival to citizens of most countries starting in November 2014, here is the news:

That would save us a lot of time for this bloody visa!

Good luck if you are heading to India soon!

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