NZ Day 35 – Final leg

No more puncture please in my last day cycling in NZ! The weather is so pleasant that I am singing all along. Once I arrive the suburb of Auckland, the bike route disappear. Cyclist have to share the road with plenty of cars. Following Great south Road, one can enter the city center pretty easy, just watch out for cars.


At around 3pm, I arrive K road which is in the center of Auckland! Finally FINISH my 5 weeks bike trip across New Zealand! Here is my record:

Actual riding: 2179km, Got a lift: 721km,
Altogether 2900km,
Longest distance ride in a day: 172km,
450NZD spent (exclude skydiving),
6 punctures, 1 chain broken, 1 carrier broken, 1 break broken, 1 spoke broken,
NO injury,
Around 30 new friends made,
Numerous museli and biscuit eaten,
Unlimited sweat,
Precious MEMORY!


Proud of myself being able to achieve this, although it is just a short trip for many other great cyclists!
Miss the feeling pedaling on the road, problems pop up and fix it by myself, camping wherever I arrive at the end of each day, exchange experience with other cyclists….I really miss all of these unforgettable memories!! Like Lyneke said in the talk in Whanganui: Cycling trip become an addition, and also a way of living! Once you start, you can’t stop doing it again and again!

I really hope my journey is interesting enough for you to think about starting your own biking trip for the first time; or doing it again! Keep following my blog, as I am heading to India next to learn yoga! And I will cross through Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in March to get the bloody Indian visa. Stay tuned!

Another biking trip is planned to be set off in July or August in EUROPE!! Excited about it, certainly I will buy a much better bike to avoid breaking down every few days…haha~!


Pukekohe to Auckland 52.7

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