NZ Day 34 – Spiritual Healing

Setting off early this morning, I could do the 150km trip to Auckland in one day, however, since it is my last leg, I’d rather take it slow as well as have my last night camping in NZ. Definitely I have to stop in Ngaruawahia to see the marae and king’s office, but the marae is closed, the staff asks me to come back early tomorrow morning to enter. The king’s office is actually quite small, that’s the conference room:


After passing Huntly, I stop for lunch but suddenly there is another puncture sound…I am not angry anymore as I have got used to it. Park the bike on the side, change the inner tube (a repaired one) and carry on. I hope the repaired tube is strong enough to last one more day! And it does!

Before it gets dark, I reach Pukekohe and pray to find a place to camp. When I see a sign of “Jesus Heals”, it could be a place to spend a night. When I start setting up my tent, the pastor Rev. Keleva Faleatua comes near and we start chatting. Of course he is so nice to allow me staying here, and also use the toilet inside the church. He even invites me to have a tea inside his house, as he have spiritual gift of healing, I ask for his advice on how to incorporate my medical background into my calling from God. Thanks for his teachings that he illustrates and explains me the key to perform God’s will on Earth.

Here I sum up 4 points of Rev. Keleva Faleatua’s teaching about spiritual healing:

  1. Our identity as Son of God, brother of Jesus, and in Matthew chapter 28, Jesus gave us a command to do his will on Earth, spread the gospel until the end of the world, and in Matthew chapter 8 and 10, Jesus gave his disciples the power to heal the sick and all sorts of things, he want us to work with him in this world.
  2. Don’t just ask God to heal, when we lay hands or pray for the sickness, COMMAND the sickness and demons to go away in the name of Jesus Christ!!
  3. Everyone has 3 components, body, mind and spirit. Don’t just focus on the work in the body that we can see. DELAY HEALING does happen, that whenever we command, the Holy Spirit is working in the way that we couldn’t see. Have faith in Lord, defect the 3 enemies: fear, doubt and anxiety! When we doubt, it allows demon to attack us again, sickness could come back even more seriously….
  4. Speak in tongue is a spirit to spirit language, your mind cannot control. Don’t feel strange or frustrate about it.


His words unlock so many questions that impeding me from stepping forward to receive God’s calling. Now I am more faithful as I am Lord’s precious son, and we call him Heavenly Father!

Hamilton to Pukekohe 94.8km

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